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Top 7 Lies from Shady SEO Agencies

Top 7 Lies from Shady SEO Agencies


Professionals practicing SEO are still a part of an industry without any regulation or recognized standards that will be looking to own their very own seo agency. In fact, pretty much anyone can set up a basic website and claim to be an SEO expert. For this reason, there are a lot of SEO scams about. Lawyers need to arm themselves with knowledge so they don’t get taken for a ride. If you hear any of these phrases or some variation of them, run the other way and find a legitimate SEO Omaha that can genuinely help you instead of scam you.

We Will Guarantee You First Page Rankings

No matter how compelling it may sound or how much you like an agency you’re working with, don’t believe this lie. No one can guarantee you ranking in any position on Google or any other search engine. There are literally hundreds of factors that influence where a site falls in search. At any given time, any of them can change and any number of competitors could be out-spending you or just doing something better.

Be wary of agencies guaranteeing any kind of rankings. Google even mentions this[1] in Search Console Help.

Get As Many Links as You Can

Links are extremely important in getting a website to rank but that doesn’t mean the more the better. In fact, you should be very careful about the quantity and quality of links that you or someone else is building to your site.

Easily obtained low-quality links can do harm to your site in search. With link building you should be as selective as possible and also closely watch what an agency is doing. Ten high-quality links are better than 1000 links from spammy domains.

SEO is the Same for All Industries

While there are foundational elements of SEO that don’t really change, the type of industry has great influence over strategy. This is why there are 7 Reasons a Free Local SEO Audit is a Bad Idea, as Lawyers may have more success working with an agency or professional that has experience in their industry. You can still work with agencies that do no specialize in the legal industry but they should be doing their homework.

SEO is similar to any other kind of marketing. You have to understand the audience you are trying to attract. Market research can help uncover searcher intent, how user experience should be designed and a host of other factors for marketing a website in search.

I Can Submit Your Site to Dozens of Different Web Directories

And you will see absolutely no ranking improvement. The vast majority of directories are fly-by-night useless websites that you do not want associated with your law firm. There are a lot of reputable attorney-specific directories[2] but other than those, don’t let someone waste your time and money doing this.

Submitting your site to low-quality directories can also have negative effects on your website. You might run into unnatural link penalties, malware or a loss in rankings.

Don’t Worry About Google Algorithm Updates

Even if you are doing everything right, you should never bury your head in the sand when it comes to changes in search. Do not believe an SEO that tells you not to worry about algorithm updates. You don’t have to run around scared when a change is made but you should still pay attention. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to provide a better user experience. That means tactics that worked before may not work as well (or at all) later on.

I’ll Fix Your SEO in the Next 30 Days for One Flat Fee

Definitely be skeptical if you hear this statement. Good SEO cannot produce meaningful results in a 30 day time period. In fact it can take several months before you see the needle move on your site in any kind of measurable way.

A good agency will tell you this up front and explain to you why it has to be that way. Good SEO takes a lot of leg work, a lot of research, and a lot of hard work to produce long lasting results. It is also something that is constantly evolving and changing[3].

SEO is the Only Online Marketing you Need

Search engine optimization should be a part of a larger marketing mix. That means it should work alongside or in tandem with other strategies. SEO that is well done can certainly help a site get more exposure but it shouldn’t be the only strategy.

A good online marketing plan should be very holistic and incorporate social media, paid advertising, SEO, content marketing, as well as a traditional marketing component.


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