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Tips To Stay In Shape While Traveling

Tips To Stay In Shape While Traveling


Tips To Stay In Shape While Traveling

The daily grind of billable hours, lack of sleep, a busy work schedule and stacked up stress is detrimental to our well being. Now, imagine sprinkling in the undesirable effects of traveling long distances for work – the perfect recipe for health havoc! More than half of our clients at Primal Fit Miami are attorneys, so I can attest to how important seeking an active lifestyle is. Don’t sacrifice health for wealth, and take a look at these tips to stay fit while you travel:

The Most Important Meal of The Day:

The first, and most important, thing to do while you travel is eating a hearty breakfast. It not only provides important daily nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates, but it also helps improve work performance. Often times I see people grabbing a quick bagel, muffin, snack food or other morning treats in poor nutritional value. Why do we call muffins, muffins? Because no one eats cake for breakfast! It’s important to eat food that’s going to sustain you and give you that much-needed energy through your trip. Try eggs, oatmeal and clean breakfast meats – chances are your hotel is probably offering it for free at the morning buffet!

Let’s Be REAL

Two important mistakes we make while jet-setting or road tripping: eating non-nutritional foods and drinking our calories. “Real food” is anything that has no more than one ingredient such as chicken, fish, spinach, asparagus, fruit, etc. If it comes in a box, has a shelf life, or barcode, limit your consumption of it. At airports, look for things that are minimally processed and don’t come in a colorful box. Switch your bag of chips for fresh fruit, and drop the candies for a natural protein bar. Also, drink more non or low-calorie beverages, such as water, iced tea and coffee without creamers and artificial sugars. Limit your alcohol consumption too, and leave the cozy beer belly at home.

No Gym, No Excuse!

Sometimes, we may not have the luxury of a fully equipped gym at our hotel or accommodations. What you do have is a private room and the will to keep your well being on a positive note. Utilize your room to perform workouts tailored to your body’s ability and needs. Some universal workouts we love are pushups and body-weight squats. Perform these exercises with minimal space, equipment and time. Keep your workout short and aim to try do more work in the same allotted time. For example, alternate between 10 pushups and 10 squats in 10 minutes. Lucky for you – for a more creative short workout, we uploaded Primal Fit Power Minute tutorials here! Get your endorphins sparked for the long days to come on your trip.

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Matt Pack is a Professional Trainer and Founder of Primal Fit Miami. For more training tips from Matt, check out his Youtube Channel.

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