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30 Days Of Legal Blogging
New Year’s Resolution: 30 Days Of Legal Blogging

New Year’s Resolution:
30 Days Of Legal Blogging


Blogging is valuable for your law firm.

Just how valuable is it? HubSpot recently published a study indicating companies that published sixteen or more blog posts monthly received three and a half times more traffic than companies who posted between zero and four posts in a month.

Does this study also apply to lawyers? Do attorneys who blog more frequently have more success? Anecdotally, yes – I’ve seen it in my law practice and I continue to see it with our LawLytics members.

But let’s also examine the data. Ninety-nine percent of all private practice law firms have between one and 10 lawyers. Translating that to Hubspot’s study, companies of this size who publish 11 or more blog entries monthly do better than similar companies who publish fewer posts. They did three times better than companies that posted once a month or never, and did twice as well as companies who posted between two and five times monthly.

It appears that blogging more often may not only improve traffic, but it may also improve the number of potential new clients a firm gets. This same study found that an increase in blog posts leads to a steep increase in leads that contact businesses. In my experience, this also happens for law firms.

We can see that frequent blogging may have a significant impact on law firm business. So, if you haven’t started blogging yet, you may want to consider doing so in 2016.

If your law firm has a blog but you’re struggling with SEO strategy, consider the frequency of your blogging. Are you only blogging once monthly, for example? Infrequent blogging may be the explanation for why your SEO strategy isn’t working. What about the type of web hosting site you have, if you aren’t sure about a web hosting site there are a few review sites out there for you to check out, for example, something like hostpapa review, and they can help you choose a platform that is right for your law firm and get you blogging.

If you’re thinking about a New Year’s resolution – one that will help build your law firm’s business in 2016 — try the 30-Day Blog Challenge:

The rules are simple. Write one blog post for your law firm every day for 30 days. The posts should be relevant to your area of practice and location, engaging, timely and well-written. Before you begin, you may want to consider some content planning.

If you’re ready to take the challenge but you’re struggling to find blog topics, here are some ways to help you get started:


Read the news. Reading the newspaper, watching news television, or skimming a news aggregate are good ways to come up with timely, relevant blog topics. Focusing on a news topic relevant to the type of law you practice — or finding a headline that you can relate to what you practice — will grab your reader’s attention.

Answer questions. This is a good way to write focused, high-quality content that addresses questions that your potential clients may have. You can write and answer the questions yourself. Consider not only the questions you hear from clients most often, but also the questions clients aren’t asking – but should be.

Inspire your readers. Have you recently heard a story that moves you, and you think it will move your readers, too? Maybe you’ve had a recent court victory that you’re interested in sharing with your readership. Blog posts like this can help readers establish that being an attorney is something you sincerely care about.

Consider case studies. This is a good way to engage readers by positioning them to understand broader legal concepts. Describe the conditions surrounding the problem and how it was resolved. Cases that involve landmark decisions are often quite interesting in that they establish new legal principles or change how the law is interpreted.


Many lawyers may be surprised to discover how little time it takes to write an engaging, informative blog post. In most cases, this challenge should make evident to lawyers that choosing to regularly blog is both easy to do and rewarding for law firms.


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Dan Jaffe
Dan Jaffe
Dan Jaffe is an attorney, and is the CEO of LawLytics, a technology company that provides advanced marketing services to lawyers. Dan built and sold two successful law practices over 10 years before going into technology full-time. He has tried more than 100 cases to verdict, and enjoys teaching lawyers how to build their law practices into appreciating assets using the internet.


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