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Toxic Relationships: <br>What They Are and How Not to Feel Crazy

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Toxic Relationships: What They Are & How Not to Feel Crazy We all have them, the relationships that leave us feeling drained, frustrated and off balance. They come in the […]

Navigating Online Dating<br> For The Busy Attorney

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Navigating Online Dating For The Busy Attorney Being a preoccupied, stretched to the limit professional while trying to have some semblance of a love life can be a daunting task. […]

Getting on Track Financially <br>After Being Derailed by a Divorce

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Getting on Track Financially After Being Derailed by a Divorce Nothing says financial loss quite like a divorce but if you are smart before and after the divorce, you will […]

Dealing with Divorce in the Workplace

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Dealing with divorce is sticky in any situation but, dealing with it in the workplace comes with its own unique set of issues. With this being said, knowing that you […]