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Dawn Reshen-Doty has been managing businesses for over 25 years and during that time has handled the financial affairs of over a dozen corporations, publishing houses, and individuals. Dawn became the president of Benay Enterprises, Inc. in 2010 upon the retirement of her business partner and father, Neil Reshen, founder of Benay. She is also the founding partner and publisher of For Beginners, LLC, publisher of the For Beginners series, a graphic non-fiction book line.

Enemy at the Gates: The New Normal <br>For Law Firms and their Data

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Rapid and dramatic changes in technology are continuing to challenge businesses of all kinds, including those of attorneys and other professionals. According to the article,” The New Normal: The Challenges […]

3 Essential But Overlooked <br>Policies Every Practice Needs

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I sat down with Richard P. Terhune, Jr., CLTC, LUTCF of New York Life to ask him the top 3 things that our clients, including attorneys, don’t realize they need […]