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Clare Corado is the founder of Corado Immigration Law, LLC, an Indianapolis based firm that focuses on helping mixed-nationality couples build their lives together in the United States. She frequently speaks to attorneys and other professional and community groups on the topic of immigration law. She has traveled extensively in Latin America and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Her clients appreciate the fact that she speaks fluent Spanish.

The Realities of”Getting In Line” <br>and Immigration Reform

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These days it seems that no debate on immigration reform is complete without politicians throwing around references to “the line”. One side promises that immigrants would “go to the back […]

Debunking The #1 Immigration <br>Urban Legend of All Time

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It’s a great formula for a romantic comedy – two strangers enter into an agreement to defraud the U.S. government by faking a marriage (but their reasons are pure and […]

The Personal Touch: Adding Value <br>in a Forms-Based Practice

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Any attorney who has a forms-based practice area has heard this objection from many a potential client. Even current clients can be skeptical about what it is that we are […]

Best Practices for <br>Working with Interpreters

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No matter how many languages you speak fluently, at some point in your legal career you will likely encounter a client, an adverse party, or a witness who prefers a […]

Immigration Law for <br>the General Practitioner

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You don’t need to be an immigration lawyer to have heard the news – President Obama’s recent executive action may affect millions of immigrants living in the United States. And […]