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Can Boost Your Business
Content Planning:  How 15 Minutes Can Boost Your Business

Content Planning: How 15 Minutes
Can Boost Your Business


If you have an attractive website, you won’t generate the kind of business you’re looking for without great content. From a marketing perspective, lawyers who think content is meaningless are making a huge mistake. Those who do recognize its worth – and make a plan to incorporate it into their site –have an opportunity to really let their skills shine…and enhance their business while they’re at it.

Many attorneys overlook the value of content, and because websites are so often a potential client’s first impression of you, that’s a major marketing problem. If the content you provide is inaccurate, too general, or just lacking altogether, it’s going to be hard to convince a potential client that they should choose your counsel over someone else’s.

An attorney’s time is at a premium, and thinking about content planning can feel overwhelming. However, remember this: as a practicing lawyer, you have tremendously valuable expertise and understanding that’s worth sharing with others. Choosing to share that information on your website can boost your traffic, reputation, and your business.

In a previous post on my blog, I talked about content planning as a 401k for your business. As a lawyer, you’ve no doubt considered concepts like retirement plans, profit sharing and other personal and professional investments. But content works the same way – it’s an investment in your future.

Yet, adding one more thing to your plate can be a stressful thought if you’re not sure how much time or effort that investment is going to require on your end. But if you’ve got fifteen minutes and an idea, you have the materials you need for a content investment that can pay you back in spades.

Let me explain more clearly: when I write content for my blog at LawLytics, it’s usually the product of an idea I’ve already had in the back of my mind. I can write a short post in fifteen minutes or fewer, because it’s simply the act of transferring my thoughts into the written word. Surely, I could be doing other things, but I recognize that those fifteen minutes I choose to make use of now will really add up in the long run.

For example, if I write a blog post, lawyers will read it. Then they’ll read other articles I’ve written, and then they’ll click on our site consultation that will help them grow their business with LawLytics. Many who schedule appointments will become LawLytics customers, forming long lasting relationships with us.

It’s a ripple effect of sorts: the acts that followed the blog post were influenced by those fifteen minutes I took to type out an idea I’d already had.

If you’re not sure where to begin, LawLytics can help you get started with the strategy and logistics behind content planning – and we can even help you write it.

Like interest that collects in your savings account, content compounds in the same way. It’s more valuable than any conference you’ll present at or any networking event you attend. If you can carve out fifteen or twenty minutes a week, you can write a blog post that will make a legitimate difference for your practice.

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Dan Jaffe
Dan Jaffe
Dan Jaffe is an attorney, and is the CEO of LawLytics, a technology company that provides advanced marketing services to lawyers. Dan built and sold two successful law practices over 10 years before going into technology full-time. He has tried more than 100 cases to verdict, and enjoys teaching lawyers how to build their law practices into appreciating assets using the internet.


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