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Innovative or Just Insane Attorney Commercials

Innovative or Just Insane Attorney Commercials


Sometimes you have to be creative and push the envelope a little to get your name out there and find clients. These attorneys have done just that with their television commercials, and some may have pushed the line a little too far. Do you think it’s working?


Daniel Muessig (Pennsylvania)

This is Daniel Muessig from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started out as a freestyle rapper, traveling the world under the pseudonym Dos Noun and continued on to receive a J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, going into criminal defense. Slate.com calls his commercial “The most honest advertisement for legal services that the Internet has ever seen.” Do you agree? If you’re in the market for a criminal defense attorney who “thinks like a criminal,” Dan is your man. Thank you Dan!


Pete Reid (Texas/New York)

This is the ONE, Pete Reid. He practices Business Litigation, Tech and Sports Law in Texas and New York City. While the commercial may not really explain what he does as an attorney, Pete could possibly be a super hero. Which is likely why the approach of Pete Reid Law is “Not simply to represent our clients, but rather we aim to be their warriors.”

Warning: I advise turning your sound down slightly before playing this commercial, especially if you’re watching at work. It is… loud.


David Komie (Texas)

This is David Komie, the attorney that rocks! His unconventional dreadlocks and musical talents must make for one hell of a show in the courtroom.


Regina Hunter (Florida)

Don’t be the hunted, be the hunter! This is Regina Hunter, Family & Marital and Personal Injury attorney in Tampa, Florida. I just can’t tell whether this is an commercial for attorney services or a dramatic legal tv show starring Regina.


Saul Goodman (New Mexico)

And when real life seems just too ridiculous to be true, television comes in and reminds us just how ridiculous it could actually be. If you are looking for someone to sue, you Better Call Saul!




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Alison Lindy Higgins
Alison Lindy Higgins
Alison Lindy Higgins, Esq. is the Managing Editor of Legal Ink Magazine and a member of the California Bar Association with a focus in Entertainment and Fashion Law. Prior to attending law school, she received a post-graduate degree in Fashion Design and earned a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin.


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