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Visitors to Your Website
How to Identify Anonymous Visitors to Your Website

How to Identify Anonymous
Visitors to Your Website


Just today I noticed that a 100-lawyer Florida law firm visited my blog and the visitor read one of my most popular articles, Why 25% of Lawyers Can’t Sell. I have software that tells me the business name of visitors.

I took a guess that the visitor was the marketing director of the firm, whom I looked up on the law firm’s website. I followed up by sending her a message that she may also be interested in another top article, 6 Steps to Transition from a Worker Bee into a Rainmaker.

I added, “Let me know if you are interested in business development training and coaching. To find out more please visit http://bit.ly/BodineTraining.”

She answered, “I was on your website, and I gotta say I was impressed.”


Identifying anonymous visitors

Marketers have long sought after a way to identify website visitors so they can follow up with them. I’ve been experimenting with VisiStat and it does the job nicely. Coupled with the companion software KickFire, marketers can now know:

  • What specific articles on their site was read by a specific visitor.
  • The keywords used in a search engine to find the article.
  • The identify of the company.
  • Personnel at the visitor’s company — with email and phone number — in marketing, sales, finance, human resources, customer support, engineering operations and IT.



Visistat is a suite of real-time Website performance tools to manage and report on marketing, lead generation and conversion efforts. It turns Website activity into actionable business intelligence.

VisiStat, Inc., is a cloud-based business analytics company that provides key insights that help small/medium businesses get to their next customer more quickly. The company has been in business for 10 years and currently has more than 60,000 clients.

The software provides detailed user interaction and identifies anonymous website visitors by company name, providing contact details, offering sources by search, social media and other online campaigns. It helps users convert more leads to sales, more efficiently than ever before.

You can get a free 14-day trial, which I recommend. Happy hunting!


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Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist for LawLytics legal marketing in Tucson, Arizona.


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