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How to Become A Local SEO Superhero

In a world full of social media and review sites, there are only a select few who can rank on page one. We invite you to learn the secrets to […]

Is Having A Top Domain Name A Right
Fit For Your Practice?

TLDs, or top-level domains, are an important decision for your attorney brand. The type of TLD influences how consumers perceive you and your firm. In the past few years, just […]

Lawyer Marketing – Why Your Brand Matters

Just what the heck is a “brand” and why does “branding” matter for lawyers? These are important questions and there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s dive in: […]

Two-Factor Authentication: A Password Evolution

Why do we need passwords? They are ubiquitous and in our faces all day. I log in on 200 to 300 websites, routers, firewalls, computers and phones during an average […]

Better Invoicing Can Improve your Bottom Line:
7 Tips for Law Firm Billing Management

  Managing a legal practice can be very stressful and time-consuming.   As an attorney, you likely would rather spend your working time practicing law. The time capture, accounting, invoicing and […]

Adding SSL to Your Attorney Website: 5 Things You Need To Know

Google announced in 2014[1] that it would be using SSL as a ranking factor in search. In other words that means if you have a security certificate applied to your […]

How Media Relations Is Like Online Dating

We frequently talk to lawyers and law firms that want to be quoted in newspaper and magazine articles as well as interviewed on radio and television. Media relations is a […]

“Legal Asylum: A Comedy” – A Hilarious Satire of the Cutthroat World of Law Schools

Legal Asylum: A Comedy is a very funny book. Written by Stanford Law Professor Paul Goldstein, it’s a hilarious takedown of the lengths to which a law school will go […]

Four Ways to Maximize Your Networking ROI

Networking is a critical piece of the business development puzzle for just about every lawyer. Referrals are arguably the very best source of new business – and an active, engaged network […]

Practice Management

The Four Roads to Value for Your Practice

For reasons not the least bit interesting, I know a few things about lighting, and believe me, lamps can teach you a lot about living a better, more fulfilling life. Okay, not […]

The Key To a Million-Dollar Law Firm

You can’t build a million-dollar law firm by yourself. You need your team to get you where you want to go. From your secretary to your paralegal to your associates, […]

Managing the Media in High Profile Cases

In today’s 24/7 news cycle attorneys must be cognizant of media attention and how to handle high profile cases that end up becoming newsworthy. Nowadays, you can take a case […]

Immigration Law for
the General Practitioner

You don’t need to be an immigration lawyer to have heard the news – President Obama’s recent executive action may affect millions of immigrants living in the United States. And […]

Should You Sue
Because of A Negative Review?

You just received a negative, anonymous review on Avvo, Yelp, lawyerratingz, or some other legal (or quasi-legal) review site. You’re angry, because you think it’s unfair, inaccurate, or (worse) fabricated […]

How to Properly Wind Down Your Practice

It is interesting the questions I am asked because so much of my practice deals with digital and technology. A recent one had to do with “what do I need […]

Legal Marketing

Successful Local Search Strategies
for Your Law Firm

Local SEO (and especially local citations) are extremely important for lawyers. That is because most of the time potential clients are local and going to the internet to research and […]

Rise Above Your Competition:
The Power of the Premium Brand

1,300,705. That’s how many licensed attorneys are practicing in the US today, according to the ABA. 172,630 in New York State. 165,952 in California. 86,494 in Texas, 74,258 in Florida […]

How to Identify Anonymous
Visitors to Your Website

Just today I noticed that a 100-lawyer Florida law firm visited my blog and the visitor read one of my most popular articles, Why 25% of Lawyers Can’t Sell. I have software […]

7 Tips to Spice Up Your Online
Attorney-Client Relationships

Since February is the month where thoughts turn to romance, love, and relationships I thought it would be a good time to review some of the issues concerning one of […]

5 Highly Effective A/B Testing Tools
to Generate More Website Leads

A prospective client lands on your website. If in the first few seconds they feel that the site is not sufficiently professional and not quickly guiding them to the information […]

Simple Hacks Lawyers Can
Use to Check Local Rankings

Google recently axed the ability to filter your location in search (which would provide users with different results based on where their location was set to). Most attorneys probably won’t […]