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Adding SSL to Your Attorney Website: 5 Things You Need To Know

Google announced in 2014[1] that it would be using SSL as a ranking factor in search. In other words that means if you have a security certificate applied to your […]

“Legal Asylum: A Comedy” – A Hilarious Satire of the Cutthroat World of Law Schools

Legal Asylum: A Comedy is a very funny book. Written by Stanford Law Professor Paul Goldstein, it’s a hilarious takedown of the lengths to which a law school will go […]

Four Ways to Maximize Your Networking ROI

Networking is a critical piece of the business development puzzle for just about every lawyer. Referrals are arguably the very best source of new business – and an active, engaged network […]

The Development and Care of Thought Leaders…
And How It Gives You the Marketing Advantage

Let’s face it – we live in a crowded world and everyone is talking at the same time. Between blogs, articles, emails, tweets, ads and posts, we’re flooded with news, […]

Ten Opportunities to Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

Your marketing strategy is the key to growing your law firm. If your marketing strategy is stale (or non-existent) you’re not going to fuel the growth you’re probably hoping for. […]

“Google My Business” Profiles:
How to Rank in Local Search

Local search is a crucial part of a law firm’s SEO strategy because their market is constrained geographically. A large part of what local searchers see is due to their […]

Law Firm Marketing:
How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

Most conversations about marketing a law firm – or really, most businesses – are focused on the medium, not the message. It’s easy to get distracted by bright shiny objects […]

How A ‘Grandma’ Receptionist Can Help Increase Billings At Smaller Law Firms

While doing a recent turnaround at a law firm that does wills and estates, criminal, and family law, The Legal A Team noticed that one thing this firm was doing right was […]

A Lawyer’s Refresher:
Financial Records & Statements

Attorneys in all practice fields need to know the basics of reading financial statements. Attorneys practicing Business or Bankruptcy law need to know how to read financial statements in order to […]

Practice Management

The Challenges of Contract Review

Contract review is one of the most important things attorneys do. It’s also one of the most time-consuming. Millions of hours are logged by lawyers to ensure that every defined […]

What Not to Do
When Responding to a Subpoena

It’s not unlikely for a person to be served with a subpoena at some point in life. Subpoenas play a very important role in the U.S. litigation process. Normally, subpoenas […]

Tips to Cut Your Office’s Overhead Costs

To get more clients and maximize cash flow, law offices spend a great deal of money on their marketing efforts. At times you may feel that your marketing plans are […]

How to Accurately
Assess Damages in Litigation

The topic of determining damages is one of the most important parts of litigation. How is the harmed person going to be made whole again? Damages. The three basic legal principles […]

Essential Steps to Take After
Your Law Firm Has Been Hacked

There are now three things we can be sure of – death, taxes and getting hacked. For each the best defense is being prepared for the inevitable – create the […]

Why Your Office Should Go Paperless

A paperless law firm seems like an oxymoron. After all, attorneys are known for having shelves full of legal documents. Please do yourself and the environment good by minimizing your dependency […]

Legal Marketing

Negative SEO: It’s Real & Here’s What
Attorneys Can Do To Protect Themselves

Negative SEO is a malicious practice where harmful optimization techniques are performed on a website deliberately (most often in the form of spammy inbound links). If you’ve never been affected […]

The Write Stuff: 5 Steps to Build
Your Reputation Through Your Writing

Content marketing is a great way to build business and burnish reputation. This is especially true for professionals that sell their knowledge, such as lawyers. That’s because experts write. They […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Domain Name in Danger?

Lawyers, your law firm’s domain name is a valuable asset. And it’s worth protecting. Why does it need to be protected? Because there are predators who can and will steal […]

Leveraging Video, Part One:
“What Type of Video Should I Shoot?”

Leveraging Video, Part One: “What Type of Video Should I Shoot?” “I know I should do video.” Has that thought ever crossed your mind?  More and more professionals are hearing […]

5 Things Every Attorney
Deserves For the Holiday Season

In the ever-changing internet world, marketing your law firm becomes more challenging each year. That’s why I’ve put together a short Christmas list, containing five things every attorney deserves this […]

In the Rapidly Changing Legal Market,
Same is Not a Strategy

Remember the good old days? The days when hourly rates increased year after year, junior associate time could be billed for, and it was considered unprofessional to try to poach […]