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Outsourcing Office Services in the Legal Industry

Many law firms, no matter the size, have at one point struggled with the concept of outsourcing their office support services. Whether they are grappling with how to monitor an […]

A Story Of Lawyers: A Fun Children’s Book Series About the Legal Profession

Jacqueline Buyze, Esq. is an attorney and the author of the children’s book series “A Story of Lawyers™” which educates children about the work that we do as lawyers. With […]

Link Piggybacking: Modeling Your Competitor’s Success in Search

Even for seasoned SEOs it can be difficult to know where to start with outranking your competition. Do you need more links? More technical fixes on your site? Maybe you […]

Artificial Intelligence 101
And How It Can Help Your Law Firm

In today’s digital world, law firms are seeing increased pressure from clients to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools into their law practices. Simply put, clients are being more […]

How AMP Pages Impact Attorney SEO

Google’s AMP project is yet another example of how the rules are changing for SEO. More and more mobile devices are connected to the internet every day which makes the […]

The Essential Elements For Your Annual SEO Audit

Optimizing a site for search involves many tasks and it is easy to lose sight of what you are doing. Having a checklist saves a ton of time. Lawyers can […]

Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls
of an Unpaid Internship Program

Many employers bring interns on board during the summer months to provide training and experience to people who are new to their industries, cultivate future employees, and build strong relationships […]

How to Become A Local SEO Superhero

In a world full of social media and review sites, there are only a select few who can rank on page one. We invite you to learn the secrets to […]

Is Having A Top Domain Name A Right
Fit For Your Practice?

TLDs, or top-level domains, are an important decision for your attorney brand. The type of TLD influences how consumers perceive you and your firm. In the past few years, just […]

Practice Management

Culture Shift: Helping Senior Attorneys Embrace New Technologies

Senior attorneys recognize that law firms and legal departments need to invest in and embrace new technologies to remain competitive, but acclimating to these technologies can be daunting. Tech entrepreneurs […]

How Lawyers Have Been Brainwashed
Regarding Their Malpractice Insurance

It Isn’t Your Fault!   Lawyers and Law Firms Have Been Brainwashed About Choosing and Buying Insurance Protection Stop and think. When you purchased your present Lawyers Professional Liability, Office Business […]

How to Get Your Clients to Pay
Without Having to Break Legs

How to get your clients to pay without having to break legs? We have all had bad clients: those clients who are on their third or fourth attorney, who can’t […]

The Dangers of Texting While Negotiating

Though not as potentially lethal as texting while driving, the use of texts by attorneys to communicate with the other party, if not done with care, may result in the […]

10 Questions Every Legal Accountant
Needs To Be Able To Answer

When looking for an accountant for your law firm it is important to consider the unique set of needs and regulations that law firms need to meet when it comes […]

Absolute Power Can
Absolutely Disrupt Mediations

At a mediation you need to have absolute power from your client with the ability to make decisions. Without access to such a person, a mediation is just a conversation where nothing […]

Legal Marketing

5 Legal Marketing Tips
to Stay Above Your Competitors

For lawyers in practice today, it feels as if we are in a world full of lawyers, all pursuing the same sought-after clients. However, by taking five critical steps online, […]

How To Say You’re A Lawyer Without Killing the Conversation

When you are asked the titular question, “What do you do for a living?”- How do you respond? If you are like most lawyers, you say: “I am a lawyer” […]

4 Ways to Improve
Your Current Referral Sources

According to a Texas Tech marketing survey, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services. But only 29% actually do. This statistic has major implications for lawyers. […]

Rise Above Your Competition:
The Power of the Premium Brand

1,300,705. That’s how many licensed attorneys are practicing in the US today, according to the ABA. 172,630 in New York State. 165,952 in California. 86,494 in Texas, 74,258 in Florida […]

Increase Your Client Leads through Effective Event Marketing

Event marketing is an effective way for a law firm to generate new client leads. In fact, according to a 2014 study commissioned by J. Johnson Executive Search and conducted […]

Is Your Website Ready
for Google’s Mobile Armageddon?

Whenever there is advance announcement of an algorithm update from Google, it is promptly followed by a slew of articles and blog posts promoting worry and panic[1]. As it relates […]