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Artificial Intelligence 101
And How It Can Help Your Law Firm

In today’s digital world, law firms are seeing increased pressure from clients to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools into their law practices. Simply put, clients are being more […]

How AMP Pages Impact Attorney SEO

Google’s AMP project is yet another example of how the rules are changing for SEO. More and more mobile devices are connected to the internet every day which makes the […]

The Essential Elements For Your Annual SEO Audit

Optimizing a site for search involves many tasks and it is easy to lose sight of what you are doing. Having a checklist saves a ton of time. Lawyers can […]

Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls
of an Unpaid Internship Program

Many employers bring interns on board during the summer months to provide training and experience to people who are new to their industries, cultivate future employees, and build strong relationships […]

How to Become A Local SEO Superhero

In a world full of social media and review sites, there are only a select few who can rank on page one. We invite you to learn the secrets to […]

Is Having A Top Domain Name A Right
Fit For Your Practice?

TLDs, or top-level domains, are an important decision for your attorney brand. The type of TLD influences how consumers perceive you and your firm. In the past few years, just […]

Lawyer Marketing – Why Your Brand Matters

Just what the heck is a “brand” and why does “branding” matter for lawyers? These are important questions and there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s dive in: […]

Two-Factor Authentication: A Password Evolution

Why do we need passwords? They are ubiquitous and in our faces all day. I log in on 200 to 300 websites, routers, firewalls, computers and phones during an average […]

Better Invoicing Can Improve your Bottom Line:
7 Tips for Law Firm Billing Management

  Managing a legal practice can be very stressful and time-consuming.   As an attorney, you likely would rather spend your working time practicing law. The time capture, accounting, invoicing and […]

Practice Management

Advising Clients on Social Media

In today’s digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a social media profile that tells a clear, cohesive story. Given that social media posts can have serious legal […]

What Your Client Isn’t Telling You
& Why It’s Chasing Away Business

What Your Client Isn’t Telling You And Why It’s Chasing Away Business Have you ever had that friend who doesn’t use enough deodorant? You aren’t quite sure how to broach […]

How Buyer Psychology
Can Help You and Your Client

How Buyer Psychology Can Help You and Your Client Buyer psychology is the study of why people make the decision to agree to something or to buy something. Understanding this […]

The Key To a Million-Dollar Law Firm

You can’t build a million-dollar law firm by yourself. You need your team to get you where you want to go. From your secretary to your paralegal to your associates, […]

Lateral Partner Interviews:
Five Topics To Discuss If You Want An Offer

Lateral recruiting at the partner level is a complex process: from the initial contact with a prospective firm, through the exchange of information on clients and finances, interviews with other […]

3 Essential But Overlooked
Policies Every Practice Needs

I sat down with Richard P. Terhune, Jr., CLTC, LUTCF of New York Life to ask him the top 3 things that our clients, including attorneys, don’t realize they need […]

Legal Marketing

How to Develop a Law Marketing Mindset

Gen X and Gen Y lawyers (Millennials) are coming out of law school with a degree (good), no business education (bad), more competition than ever before for articling positions resulting […]

How to Generate Free Media Buzz
on the Web…Forever

In SEO, you have to be creative to stay ahead of the curve. Once you have learned the basic concepts about how search engines work[1], you can think of your own […]

How to Avoid SEO Snake Oil Hangovers

Service providers in any industry open themselves up to liability in the course of their work and marketing online is no different. For the legal industry, this was illustrated very […]

5 Ways to Write Better
Content for Your Law Firm Website

Your website is an opportunity to tell your story, to connect with prospects and potential referral sources, and to build your credibility. It’s a powerful business development tool. While the […]

The Final Step for Rainmaking Success:
Creating Credibility and Trust

In February, I began a series of articles on the Three Steps to Rainmaking Success. And once again, they are: Marketing: Creating visibility and becoming known as an authority in […]

When Law Firm Marketing
Confronts Artificial Intelligence
(What Works, What Doesn’t)

In the haunting motion picture Ex Machina, there is an artificial intelligence program residing in a beautiful humanoid form. Called Ava, she is much more than a robot. Ava responds […]