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Find More Time from Your Practice to Do What You Love

Five Tips to Increase Efficiency Every Day Have you ever said to yourself, “I love helping my clients improve their lives, I love being my own boss … but keeping […]

90-Day Fiancé: Breaking the Myths

90-Day Fiancé– Breaking the Myths  If you have ever watched the popular reality television series 90-Day Fiancé, you may have found yourself wondering, is this really how U.S. immigration law operates? 90-Day […]

Top Mistakes When Investing in SEO

SEO can be a complicated process. That’s especially true for busy lawyers focused on practicing law. Even with the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet as it relates […]

Top Considerations Before Migrating to MS Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft is a software platform built on a highly redundant and secure infrastructure. It is offered with a monthly or annual fee and includes SharePoint for intranets, […]

5 Local SEO Hacks for Attorneys

If you’re an attorney, location-based searches are one of the primary ways potential clients are finding you online. Generally, someone seeking an attorney will search for one that is geographically […]

A Quick Guide for Protecting Your Firm Against Hacks

Information is the new currency, which makes it worth stealing. Each day, hackers invade organizations for useful data such as personally identifiable information, passwords, market-moving news and corporate intelligence. From […]

Key Considerations When Starting An
AI Program For Your Law Firm

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the legal tech landscape in recent years. By now, most firms have decided that they need to incorporate AI into their practices for one reason […]

Outsourcing Office Services in the Legal Industry

Many law firms, no matter the size, have at one point struggled with the concept of outsourcing their office support services. Whether they are grappling with how to monitor an […]

A Story Of Lawyers: A Fun Children’s Book Series About the Legal Profession

Jacqueline Buyze, Esq. is an attorney and the author of the children’s book series “A Story of Lawyers™” which educates children about the work that we do as lawyers. With […]

Practice Management

How To Ensure Accurate
3-Way Reconciliation Reports

How To Ensure Accurate 3-Way Reconciliation Reports If you administer trust accounts, and most law offices do in one way or another, then you need to know how to generate […]

Bill Early and Often to
Improve Your Cash Flow

In this last piece in our series on improving law practice cash flow (see previous articles), we look at how you bill. It doesn’t do you any good to provide […]

How To Plug All Fatal Gaps In Your
Lawyers Liability Insurance: Part 4

As I shared in last month’s issue, I am continuing with examples of how you can make certain that you are properly protected on your Lawyers Professional Liability. Why, you may […]

Why Your Office Should Go Paperless

A paperless law firm seems like an oxymoron. After all, attorneys are known for having shelves full of legal documents. Please do yourself and the environment good by minimizing your […]

Leveraging Technology to Simplify
Complicated Billing Arrangements

Billing is the bloodline of your practice and one that ensures your practice will profit. Billing arrangements used to fall into two categories – hourly and flat-fee – and that […]

Should Attorneys Practice From The Cloud?

The legal industry has been slower than other fields to adopt new technology. For example only 1/3 of practices use legal billing software. Attorneys often prefer to be conservative regarding […]

Legal Marketing

Do You Really Have “Useful”
Content on Your Website?

“Content marketing” is a buzzword in 2015. It’s a simple concept. It means creating content (blog entries, videos, reports, webinars, etc.) that is valuable and relevant to your target market. […]

Innovative or Just Insane Attorney Commercials

Sometimes you have to be creative and push the envelope a little to get your name out there and find clients. These attorneys have done just that with their television commercials, and […]

How A ‘Grandma’ Receptionist Can Help Increase Billings At Smaller Law Firms

While doing a recent turnaround at a law firm that does wills and estates, criminal, and family law, The Legal A Team noticed that one thing this firm was doing right was […]

Negative SEO: It’s Real & Here’s What
Attorneys Can Do To Protect Themselves

Negative SEO is a malicious practice where harmful optimization techniques are performed on a website deliberately (most often in the form of spammy inbound links). It can take a long […]

Two Tales of Why Lawyers
Are Returning to Public Relations

Two Tales of Why Lawyers Are Returning to Public Relations Just last month, we got two new clients at The Legal A Team. But that’s not the important part of […]

How to Convert Blog Posts
Into Leads and New Clients

For high-growth firms, blogging is the single most important business development tactic – it is more effective than SEO, social media or email marketing. In fact, blogging is one of the […]