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Find More Time from Your Practice to Do What You Love

Five Tips to Increase Efficiency Every Day Have you ever said to yourself, “I love helping my clients improve their lives, I love being my own boss … but keeping […]

90-Day Fiancé: Breaking the Myths

90-Day Fiancé– Breaking the Myths  If you have ever watched the popular reality television series 90-Day Fiancé, you may have found yourself wondering, is this really how U.S. immigration law operates? 90-Day […]

Top Mistakes When Investing in SEO

SEO can be a complicated process. That’s especially true for busy lawyers focused on practicing law. Even with the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet as it relates […]

Top Considerations Before Migrating to MS Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft is a software platform built on a highly redundant and secure infrastructure. It is offered with a monthly or annual fee and includes SharePoint for intranets, […]

5 Local SEO Hacks for Attorneys

If you’re an attorney, location-based searches are one of the primary ways potential clients are finding you online. Generally, someone seeking an attorney will search for one that is geographically […]

A Quick Guide for Protecting Your Firm Against Hacks

Information is the new currency, which makes it worth stealing. Each day, hackers invade organizations for useful data such as personally identifiable information, passwords, market-moving news and corporate intelligence. From […]

Key Considerations When Starting An
AI Program For Your Law Firm

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the legal tech landscape in recent years. By now, most firms have decided that they need to incorporate AI into their practices for one reason […]

Outsourcing Office Services in the Legal Industry

Many law firms, no matter the size, have at one point struggled with the concept of outsourcing their office support services. Whether they are grappling with how to monitor an […]

A Story Of Lawyers: A Fun Children’s Book Series About the Legal Profession

Jacqueline Buyze, Esq. is an attorney and the author of the children’s book series “A Story of Lawyers™” which educates children about the work that we do as lawyers. With […]

Practice Management

Things to NEVER Do When Buying a Car

Tips and Advice on shopping and buying a car. Things to NEVER do and things you MUST do. Based on 23 years of experience in the field – dealing with […]

Does Your Social Media Profile Say the Right Things to Hiring Managers?

There are many reasons why you would put yourself out on the job market again. Relocation is one of them or perhaps you’ve been at your firm for a while […]

A Practical Overview of e-Discovery & Litigation Support

A Practical Overview of e-Discovery & Litigation Support During litigation, lawyers must ensure that each and every legal transcript and document is thoroughly reviewed and marked for significance. Historically, this […]

How to Run an Effective Meeting

If a meeting makes you dread it, chances are that you’re not running it the way it could be. When it comes to holding a meeting with your fellow associates, […]

The 3 Apps That You Need
to Use Now for Your Practice

If you are like me, technology is a constant in my legal practice. From devices to apps, it has changed how I engage with my clients, other attorneys, the court […]

How to Properly Wind Down Your Practice

It is interesting the questions I am asked because so much of my practice deals with digital and technology. A recent one had to do with “what do I need […]

Legal Marketing

Get New Business With
Click-Worthy Web Assets

Success in getting more clicks, conversions and clients on a law firm website turns on website usability — which today means engaging visitors and prompting them to stay longer and dig deeper into your […]

Marketing Does Not Build Reputation
But Public Relations Does

Media relations is a sub-set of public relations. It is the speciality that focuses on getting law firms and their lawyers in the media. That means getting them quoted in […]

6 Local SEO Facts
Every Lawyer Should Know

Good SEO is a long term investment in your attorney brand. When I talk to people about search engine optimization (even in the simplest of terms), I often draw a […]

5 Tips For Law Firm Websites
That Get Results

Being detail oriented can be a good thing. Paying attention to details can help you meet deadlines, catch errors in documents, and can help you follow through when you’ve got […]

Google Home Services Launches for
Tradesmen And Lawyers May Be Next

Google is now rating plumbers and locksmiths in San Francisco, under the name Google Home Services. Will there be a Google Legal Services directory next? Dan Jaffe, CEO of LawLytics, raises the point […]

New Year’s Resolution:
30 Days Of Legal Blogging

Blogging is valuable for your law firm. Just how valuable is it? HubSpot recently published a study indicating companies that published sixteen or more blog posts monthly received three and […]