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A Quick Guide for Protecting Your Firm Against Hacks

Information is the new currency, which makes it worth stealing. Each day, hackers invade organizations for useful data such as personally identifiable information, passwords, market-moving news and corporate intelligence. From […]

Key Considerations When Starting An
AI Program For Your Law Firm

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the legal tech landscape in recent years. By now, most firms have decided that they need to incorporate AI into their practices for one reason […]

Outsourcing Office Services in the Legal Industry

Many law firms, no matter the size, have at one point struggled with the concept of outsourcing their office support services. Whether they are grappling with how to monitor an […]

A Story Of Lawyers: A Fun Children’s Book Series About the Legal Profession

Jacqueline Buyze, Esq. is an attorney and the author of the children’s book series “A Story of Lawyers™” which educates children about the work that we do as lawyers. With […]

Link Piggybacking: Modeling Your Competitor’s Success in Search

Even for seasoned SEOs it can be difficult to know where to start with outranking your competition. Do you need more links? More technical fixes on your site? Maybe you […]

Artificial Intelligence 101
And How It Can Help Your Law Firm

In today’s digital world, law firms are seeing increased pressure from clients to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools into their law practices. Simply put, clients are being more […]

How AMP Pages Impact Attorney SEO

Google’s AMP project is yet another example of how the rules are changing for SEO. More and more mobile devices are connected to the internet every day which makes the […]

The Essential Elements For Your Annual SEO Audit

Optimizing a site for search involves many tasks and it is easy to lose sight of what you are doing. Having a checklist saves a ton of time. Lawyers can […]

Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls
of an Unpaid Internship Program

Many employers bring interns on board during the summer months to provide training and experience to people who are new to their industries, cultivate future employees, and build strong relationships […]

Practice Management

How to Properly Wind Down Your Practice

It is interesting the questions I am asked because so much of my practice deals with digital and technology. A recent one had to do with “what do I need […]

How to Hire the Right Firm Administrator

I think the biggest mistake that most lawyers make when they tackle the question of how to hire the right firm administrator is they forget to ask when to hire […]

Designing the Law Firm of the Future

Good design sells. Design Gains Importance as Devices Get More Personal (NYT, 19 March 2015) focused on tech wearables. Principles for wearables, however, apply everywhere. Success requires ensuring such easy use that consumers become loyal users: […]

Making the Most of Your Relationship with a Legal Recruiter

For some attorneys, phone calls from legal recruiters are an occasional annoyance; for others, such calls are a welcome relief—even a potential lifeline thrown to a lawyer whose career may […]

The Winning Secrets On How To Plug All Fatal Insurance Gaps For Your Law Firm

Your law practice is no doubt your most precious asset. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person firm or you are the managing general partner of a large law […]

How Delegation Can Positively Impact The Bottom Line

Solo and small law firm attorneys wear a lot of hats and do a lot of things themselves. One practical and potentially life-saving solution? Effective delegation. It’s widely believed that […]

Legal Marketing

The Development and Care of Thought Leaders…
And How It Gives You the Marketing Advantage

Let’s face it – we live in a crowded world and everyone is talking at the same time. Between blogs, articles, emails, tweets, ads and posts, we’re flooded with news, […]

Link Building Tip: How to Acquire Backlinks Naturally with Link-Bait

There is not really a way around building links to your website if you want it to rank well in search. It’s ok to have well-designed link building campaigns but […]

Four Ways to Maximize Your Networking ROI

Networking is a critical piece of the business development puzzle for just about every lawyer. Referrals are arguably the very best source of new business – and an active, engaged network […]

Leveraging Video, Part One:
“What Type of Video Should I Shoot?”

Leveraging Video, Part One: “What Type of Video Should I Shoot?” “I know I should do video.” Has that thought ever crossed your mind?  More and more professionals are hearing […]

3 Ways To Avoid Relegating
Your Voice On The Web

As professional service providers, it shouldn’t come as a shock to lawyers that the revenue your law firm generates starts and stops with you. But it can be tough to […]

How the “The Unknown Unknowns” Will Kill Your Practice

When trying a case, the number one rule of putting anyone on the stand is: “Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” Asking a question of a […]