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How A ‘Grandma’ Receptionist Can Help Increase Billings At Smaller Law Firms

While doing a recent turnaround at a law firm that does wills and estates, criminal, and family law, The Legal A Team noticed that one thing this firm was doing right was […]

A Lawyer’s Refresher:
Financial Records & Statements

Attorneys in all practice fields need to know the basics of reading financial statements. Attorneys practicing Business or Bankruptcy law need to know how to read financial statements in order to […]

Best Practices For Client Interviews
in Family Law Matters

Client consultations are important in all fields of law in determining whether a client is right for you or your firm. The styles and techniques used for initial interviews or […]

Internet of Things:
A Big Brother Made of Little Things[1]

I will confess that I took that title from an article sub-heading when I started researching the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) and privacy. I felt it was the […]

Speak Our Language!
Invoicing Accuracy & Rules Compliance: What Law Firms Can Learn from Clients 

Senior attorneys and managing partners are often frustrated when it comes to how they invoice, and how they are paid for their work. How can this ongoing issue with law […]

The Challenges of Contract Review

Contract review is one of the most important things attorneys do. It’s also one of the most time-consuming. Millions of hours are logged by lawyers to ensure that every defined […]

Annoying Things That Will Kill
Your Law Firm’s Google Page Ranking

In mid-2015 Google quietly rolled out algorithm changes that influenced where sites rank based on the user experience they provide their visitors. This was not one of the company’s most […]

Make Better Decisions
With the “Thoughtful Pause”

The seed of the idea for this post came from my own reflections about the early days of my legal career. November 1 holds significance for me because it’s about […]

Culture Shift: Helping Senior Attorneys Embrace New Technologies

Senior attorneys recognize that law firms and legal departments need to invest in and embrace new technologies to remain competitive, but acclimating to these technologies can be daunting. Tech entrepreneurs […]

General Counsels:
Building the Team from Within

As skilled lawyers, General Counsel generally have intuition regarding people, which allows them to identify skills in others and form strong teams around them. More likely than not, a General […]

The Top 7 Reasons Employers Get Sued

California has some of the most employee-friendly laws in the country. Even well-intentioned employers may unwittingly run afoul of our ever-evolving laws, suffering severe consequences. To help others avoid the […]

3 Big Misconceptions About Personal Branding for Lawyers

What comes to mind when you hear the term “personal brand?” For many lawyers, it conjures up visions of billboards and bus stop advertisements; self-promotion and aggrandizement. The law is […]

Making the Most of Your Relationship with a Legal Recruiter

For some attorneys, phone calls from legal recruiters are an occasional annoyance; for others, such calls are a welcome relief—even a potential lifeline thrown to a lawyer whose career may […]

Engage Brand Ambassadors to Share Your Law Firm Content with Potential Clients

Generating positive word-of-mouth has always been an effective way to reach potential clients, especially when it’s online. The statistics show that the 2016 digital approach to word-of-mouth is to engage […]

The Best Rainmaking Exercise
Is To Exercise (Literally)

Two embarrassing admissions: First, I am writing this because I really need it, probably more than a lot of the readers. Second, I am publicly declaring that today I am […]

Practice Management

Will Your Confidentiality
Agreements Hold Up in Court?

There is a growing value of intangible property to businesses and the problem of employees taking that property is always a main concern. To protect themselves and such intangible material […]

Five Ways to Romance Your Clients

Like any relationship, an attorney/client relationship can get into a rut. The excitement of the chase leads to elation when the new client is landed, followed by a period marked […]

Enemy at the Gates: The New Normal
For Law Firms and their Data

Rapid and dramatic changes in technology are continuing to challenge businesses of all kinds, including those of attorneys and other professionals.  According to the article,” The New Normal: The Challenges […]

Negotiation Tips From The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on CBS, and is a simple testament to my inner geek.  I love the show, the science, and the complicated […]

The Opportunity of Unbundling
Legal Services to Your Practice

The Opportunity of Unbundling Legal Services to Your Practice This article is the first of a three part series on the concept of “unbundled” or “limited legal services.” This month’s […]

Mirroring Speech
Patterns Can Help You Succeed

Have you ever noticed that some people share similar speech patterns with one another? This is not a coincidence. It is a way that people subconsciously communicate that they have […]

Legal Marketing

Do You Really Have “Useful”
Content on Your Website?

“Content marketing” is a buzzword in 2015. It’s a simple concept. It means creating content (blog entries, videos, reports, webinars, etc.) that is valuable and relevant to your target market. […]

Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word: Why Saying Your Sorry is So Important to Rainmakers

With all due respect to Sir Elton John for usurping his song title, why is it so difficult for some people to apologize? Recently, someone posted a message to private legal […]

Creating Visibility: The First Step
to Rainmaking Success

The 3 Steps for Rainmaking Success: Creating Visibility (Step 1) In my last article for Legal Ink, Rainmaking Shortcuts Are For Suckers, I told you that there is no shortcut […]

Leveraging Video, Part Two:
How to Use Your Videos Effectively

There are some businesses out there that will create great video for you…but then what?  You have all these videos, so what do you do with them? You need to […]

How to Generate Free Media Buzz
on the Web…Forever

In SEO, you have to be creative to stay ahead of the curve. Once you have learned the basic concepts about how search engines work[1], you can think of your own […]

Why “Content is King” is Total Bullsh!#@t for Lawyers

“Content is King” is the mantra of many SEO’s and marketers involved in the business of getting websites to rank well in search. Although content (i.e. images, audio, graphics, video […]