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Law Firm Marketing:
How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

Most conversations about marketing a law firm – or really, most businesses – are focused on the medium, not the message. It’s easy to get distracted by bright shiny objects […]

How A ‘Grandma’ Receptionist Can Help Increase Billings At Smaller Law Firms

While doing a recent turnaround at a law firm that does wills and estates, criminal, and family law, The Legal A Team noticed that one thing this firm was doing right was […]

A Lawyer’s Refresher:
Financial Records & Statements

Attorneys in all practice fields need to know the basics of reading financial statements. Attorneys practicing Business or Bankruptcy law need to know how to read financial statements in order to […]

Best Practices For Client Interviews
in Family Law Matters

Client consultations are important in all fields of law in determining whether a client is right for you or your firm. The styles and techniques used for initial interviews or […]

Internet of Things:
A Big Brother Made of Little Things[1]

I will confess that I took that title from an article sub-heading when I started researching the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) and privacy. I felt it was the […]

Speak Our Language!
Invoicing Accuracy & Rules Compliance: What Law Firms Can Learn from Clients 

Senior attorneys and managing partners are often frustrated when it comes to how they invoice, and how they are paid for their work. How can this ongoing issue with law […]

The Challenges of Contract Review

Contract review is one of the most important things attorneys do. It’s also one of the most time-consuming. Millions of hours are logged by lawyers to ensure that every defined […]

Annoying Things That Will Kill
Your Law Firm’s Google Page Ranking

In mid-2015 Google quietly rolled out algorithm changes that influenced where sites rank based on the user experience they provide their visitors. This was not one of the company’s most […]

Make Better Decisions
With the “Thoughtful Pause”

The seed of the idea for this post came from my own reflections about the early days of my legal career. November 1 holds significance for me because it’s about […]

Culture Shift: Helping Senior Attorneys Embrace New Technologies

Senior attorneys recognize that law firms and legal departments need to invest in and embrace new technologies to remain competitive, but acclimating to these technologies can be daunting. Tech entrepreneurs […]

General Counsels:
Building the Team from Within

As skilled lawyers, General Counsel generally have intuition regarding people, which allows them to identify skills in others and form strong teams around them. More likely than not, a General […]

The Top 7 Reasons Employers Get Sued

California has some of the most employee-friendly laws in the country. Even well-intentioned employers may unwittingly run afoul of our ever-evolving laws, suffering severe consequences. To help others avoid the […]

3 Big Misconceptions About Personal Branding for Lawyers

What comes to mind when you hear the term “personal brand?” For many lawyers, it conjures up visions of billboards and bus stop advertisements; self-promotion and aggrandizement. The law is […]

Making the Most of Your Relationship with a Legal Recruiter

For some attorneys, phone calls from legal recruiters are an occasional annoyance; for others, such calls are a welcome relief—even a potential lifeline thrown to a lawyer whose career may […]

Engage Brand Ambassadors to Share Your Law Firm Content with Potential Clients

Generating positive word-of-mouth has always been an effective way to reach potential clients, especially when it’s online. The statistics show that the 2016 digital approach to word-of-mouth is to engage […]

Practice Management

Why Online Video Is Essential
to Your Practice

Why should you invest the time, money, and effort to add videos to your website? It’s NOT just about you. It’s not just about making you look good or making […]

Absolute Power Can
Absolutely Disrupt Mediations

At a mediation you need to have absolute power from your client with the ability to make decisions. Without access to such a person, a mediation is just a conversation where nothing […]

How to Organize Your
Law Firm’s Data to Boost Profits

It is a common misconception among owners of small law firms that growth is measured by the number of people in the business. Over the years I have spoken with […]

Would YOU Hire Yourself As Legal Counsel?

You know you’re a great attorney.  You win your cases, you have impressive credentials, and your former clients always say nice things about you.  So, how come you don’t have as […]

What Not to Do
When Responding to a Subpoena

It’s not unlikely for a person to be served with a subpoena at some point in life. Subpoenas play a very important role in the U.S. litigation process. Normally, subpoenas […]

Winning the Battle for
Legal Talent for Your Firm

Law firms’ fortunes rise and fall with the quality of their partners. And by “quality” I do not mean partners’ brilliance, articulateness, or ability to win cases and close successful […]

Legal Marketing

Centering Your Marketing
Strategy On Your Ideal Client

A marketing strategy is the engine that drives your law firm’s growth. Aiming for growth without a strategy is like trying to steer a rudderless boat. Instead of actively driving […]

5 Tips For Law Firm Websites
That Get Results

Being detail oriented can be a good thing. Paying attention to details can help you meet deadlines, catch errors in documents, and can help you follow through when you’ve got […]

3 Essential Steps to Turn Your Website into a Business Development Machine

Are you frustrated with your website? Is it not producing any results? If so, there are three important changes you must make to transform it from a billboard into a […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Website
Good Enough to E-A-T?

In the early days of search Google wasn’t all that good at differentiating between content that was well-researched and helpful from content that was topical in nature and basically useless. […]

Is Your Website Ready
for Google’s Mobile Armageddon?

Whenever there is advance announcement of an algorithm update from Google, it is promptly followed by a slew of articles and blog posts promoting worry and panic[1]. As it relates […]

Negative SEO: It’s Real & Here’s What
Attorneys Can Do To Protect Themselves

Negative SEO is a malicious practice where harmful optimization techniques are performed on a website deliberately (most often in the form of spammy inbound links). If you’ve never been affected […]