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Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls
of an Unpaid Internship Program

Many employers bring interns on board during the summer months to provide training and experience to people who are new to their industries, cultivate future employees, and build strong relationships […]

How to Become A Local SEO Superhero

In a world full of social media and review sites, there are only a select few who can rank on page one. We invite you to learn the secrets to […]

Is Having A Top Domain Name A Right
Fit For Your Practice?

TLDs, or top-level domains, are an important decision for your attorney brand. The type of TLD influences how consumers perceive you and your firm. In the past few years, just […]

Lawyer Marketing – Why Your Brand Matters

Just what the heck is a “brand” and why does “branding” matter for lawyers? These are important questions and there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s dive in: […]

Two-Factor Authentication: A Password Evolution

Why do we need passwords? They are ubiquitous and in our faces all day. I log in on 200 to 300 websites, routers, firewalls, computers and phones during an average […]

Better Invoicing Can Improve your Bottom Line:
7 Tips for Law Firm Billing Management

  Managing a legal practice can be very stressful and time-consuming.   As an attorney, you likely would rather spend your working time practicing law. The time capture, accounting, invoicing and […]

Adding SSL to Your Attorney Website: 5 Things You Need To Know

Google announced in 2014[1] that it would be using SSL as a ranking factor in search. In other words that means if you have a security certificate applied to your […]

How Media Relations Is Like Online Dating

We frequently talk to lawyers and law firms that want to be quoted in newspaper and magazine articles as well as interviewed on radio and television. Media relations is a […]

“Legal Asylum: A Comedy” – A Hilarious Satire of the Cutthroat World of Law Schools

Legal Asylum: A Comedy is a very funny book. Written by Stanford Law Professor Paul Goldstein, it’s a hilarious takedown of the lengths to which a law school will go […]

Practice Management

Managing Your Law Firm:
End of Year Cleanup and Recap

Where did this year go? It seems incredible how quickly the months have flown by as we have been busy doing our work, growing our businesses, expanding our networks and […]

Why the WRONG Clients
Are Worse Than No Clients At All

As the owner of a law firm, you might think that waking up one morning and realizing that you don’t have a single client would be the absolute worst-case nightmare […]

“Best Practices” In
Offering Limited Legal Services

This is the third article in a three part series discussing the concept of “unbundled” or “limited legal services.” The first article discussed how offering limited legal services can open up new […]

What Your Client Isn’t Telling You
& Why It’s Chasing Away Business

What Your Client Isn’t Telling You And Why It’s Chasing Away Business Have you ever had that friend who doesn’t use enough deodorant? You aren’t quite sure how to broach […]

The 3 Apps That You Need
to Use Now for Your Practice

If you are like me, technology is a constant in my legal practice. From devices to apps, it has changed how I engage with my clients, other attorneys, the court […]

Tips for Preserving Your Case for Appeal

Appellate review differs significantly from litigation. Statistically, appeals stem from receiving the most undesirable outcome for a client. Appealing from a trial court decision can be daunting and confusing for […]

Legal Marketing

How to Convert Blog Posts
Into Leads and New Clients

For high-growth firms, blogging is the single most important business development tactic – it is more effective than SEO, social media or email marketing. In fact, blogging is one of the […]

In the Rapidly Changing Legal Market,
Same is Not a Strategy

Remember the good old days? The days when hourly rates increased year after year, junior associate time could be billed for, and it was considered unprofessional to try to poach […]

Top 10 New Marketing Tactics
from the PILMMA Summit

More than 150 lawyers attended the PILMMA legal marketing conference in Ft. Worth last week and came back with pages of money-making ideas. It was a fabulous event to network with […]

How to Capture “Lukewarm” Visitors
to Your Law Firm Website

The best type of traffic to your website is a hot prospect—someone who is actively searching for the legal services you provide and ready to make a purchase decision immediately. […]

How Law Firms Can Successfully
Market to the Millennials

Successful law firms are tailoring their marketing to today’s biggest generation — Millennials, who now number 75 million strong and spend $600 billion per year, making them the most lucrative […]

Why Attorneys Absolutely Need
Responsive Websites for their Practice

Responsive design really exploded in 2013. But it wasn’t a here today, gone tomorrow trend: it’s here to stay, and it’s important for attorney websites. Responsive design has been the […]