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Top Considerations Before Migrating to MS Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft is a software platform built on a highly redundant and secure infrastructure. It is offered with a monthly or annual fee and includes SharePoint for intranets, […]

5 Local SEO Hacks for Attorneys

If you’re an attorney, location-based searches are one of the primary ways potential clients are finding you online. Generally, someone seeking an attorney will search for one that is geographically […]

A Quick Guide for Protecting Your Firm Against Hacks

Information is the new currency, which makes it worth stealing. Each day, hackers invade organizations for useful data such as personally identifiable information, passwords, market-moving news and corporate intelligence. From […]

Key Considerations When Starting An
AI Program For Your Law Firm

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the legal tech landscape in recent years. By now, most firms have decided that they need to incorporate AI into their practices for one reason […]

Outsourcing Office Services in the Legal Industry

Many law firms, no matter the size, have at one point struggled with the concept of outsourcing their office support services. Whether they are grappling with how to monitor an […]

A Story Of Lawyers: A Fun Children’s Book Series About the Legal Profession

Jacqueline Buyze, Esq. is an attorney and the author of the children’s book series “A Story of Lawyers™” which educates children about the work that we do as lawyers. With […]

Link Piggybacking: Modeling Your Competitor’s Success in Search

Even for seasoned SEOs it can be difficult to know where to start with outranking your competition. Do you need more links? More technical fixes on your site? Maybe you […]

Artificial Intelligence 101
And How It Can Help Your Law Firm

In today’s digital world, law firms are seeing increased pressure from clients to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven tools into their law practices. Simply put, clients are being more […]

How AMP Pages Impact Attorney SEO

Google’s AMP project is yet another example of how the rules are changing for SEO. More and more mobile devices are connected to the internet every day which makes the […]

Practice Management

How Delegation Can Positively Impact The Bottom Line

Solo and small law firm attorneys wear a lot of hats and do a lot of things themselves. One practical and potentially life-saving solution? Effective delegation. It’s widely believed that […]

How To Plug All Fatal Gaps In
Your Lawyers Liability Insurance Part 2

As shared in last month’s issue, I am continuing with examples of how you can make certain that you are properly protected on your Lawyers Professional Liability. Why, you may […]

Pursuing Your Passion:
From Lawyer to Entrepreneur

I am living the dream of many practicing lawyers. I left Big Law, founded a successful company, and ten years later get to go to work every day with great […]

Calculating the Real Cost
of Upgrading Your Smart Phone

We’re witnessing all out war between major cell phone carriers. They’re in a constant battle to outdo each other with better coverage, faster speeds, cheaper rates, and even offering incentives […]

The Opportunity of Unbundling
Legal Services to Your Practice

The Opportunity of Unbundling Legal Services to Your Practice This article is the first of a three part series on the concept of “unbundled” or “limited legal services.” This month’s […]

Best Practices For Client Interviews
in Family Law Matters

Client consultations are important in all fields of law in determining whether a client is right for you or your firm. The styles and techniques used for initial interviews or […]

Legal Marketing

Why “Content is King” is Total Bullsh!#@t for Lawyers

“Content is King” is the mantra of many SEO’s and marketers involved in the business of getting websites to rank well in search. Although content (i.e. images, audio, graphics, video […]

Market to People, Not Robots:
Four Internet Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Too many lawyers equate “internet marketing” with “showing up on the first page of Google.” Not that Google isn’t important for lawyers and law firms – it is – but […]

The Final Step for Rainmaking Success:
Creating Credibility and Trust

In February, I began a series of articles on the Three Steps to Rainmaking Success. And once again, they are: Marketing: Creating visibility and becoming known as an authority in […]

4 Ways to Improve
Your Current Referral Sources

According to a Texas Tech marketing survey, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services. But only 29% actually do. This statistic has major implications for lawyers. […]

Turning Your Practice
Website Visitors into Clients

Turning Your Practice Website Visitors into Clients Today, the vast majority of potential clients will check out a lawyer’s website before retaining the law firm. To turn this traffic into […]

Why 25% of Lawyers Can’t Sell

Why 25% of Lawyers Can’t Sell Only 20% of lawyers are natural born marketers, according to Dr. Larry Richard, Founder & Principal Consultant at LawyerBrain LLC. He found that an additional […]