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Business Development Funnel?
Is There a Hole in Your Business Development Funnel?

Is There a Hole in Your
Business Development Funnel?


Let’s talk business development for a moment.

Question: What happens when you give out a business card at an industry function?

What happens when somebody refers you to a friend or family member?

What happens when a potential client looks you up on LinkedIn?

If they’re thinking about hiring you or referring work your way… they are going visit your websiteBefore they call you… before they drive to your office… before they schedule a consultation. They visit your website.

According to LexisNexis, more than three-fourths of consumers use the internet while searching for a lawyer. That’s a huge number, and it’s only going to get larger.


When they visit your website… what will they find?

Is your website an effective link in your sales funnel, or are you losing business because your website doesn’t inspire confidence, engage your visitors, and demonstrate your credibility?

We recently created a Website Appraisal worksheet that you may find helpful. It’s designed to help you figure out how effective your website is as a business development tool, and to identify specific areas that need improvement. You can click here for free access.

In addition, consider these five questions:

1. Can a website visitor quickly identify what you do, and who you help?

In other words, will a visitor know within seconds of landing on your website whether or not they are in the right place? If they can’t tell quickly, they’re not going to stick around to find out. It’s important to avoid “legalese” and use language that makes sense to your target market.

2. Does your website contain resources that demonstrate your expertise… like reports, articles, blog entries, links to books you’ve published, etc?

It’s one thing to tell your audience that you are great at what you do… it’s another thing to “prove it.” You can prove it by writing authoritatively on subjects that matter to your audience. Once you’ve created these resources, make sure that you draw attention to them on your Home page.

3. Does your website engage your visitors through appealing design, and easy-to-digest visual elements like photos and video?

Don’t go overboard with fancy graphics and over-the-top bells and whistles. But do invest in a professional design and make sure that your site is working properly from a technical standpoint. Broken links and other errors don’t inspire confidence.

4. Does your website make it quick and easy for visitors to contact you?

One of the primary objectives of your law firm website is to generate leads… so make it as easy as possible for visitors to get in touch with your firm! This means prominently displaying your phone number, but it it also means providing options besides just your phone number so that visitors can contact you outside of business hours.

5. Is your website mobile friendly so that visitors using their phone or tablet can find what they’re looking for?

Every year, the percentage of web traffic on a mobile device increases, and analysts expect this trend to continue. Your site needs to look great and function properly on mobile devices as well as desktop or laptop computers.

If the answer to any of these questions is no… your website isn’t serving you as well as it could be and you are probably losing out on business you otherwise could have closed.

How much more money could you make by fixing the hole in your business development funnel?

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Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is a Partner at Spotlight Branding. He is passionate about marketing strategy, copywriting, and creating value. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys playing sports, attempting to play guitar, following politics, and reading a good book.


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