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Click-Worthy Web Assets
Get New Business With Click-Worthy Web Assets

Get New Business With
Click-Worthy Web Assets


Success in getting more clicks, conversions and clients on a law firm website turns on website usability — which today means engaging visitors and prompting them to stay longer and dig deeper into your site, according to SEO expert Paul Julius.


Speaking on a webinar sponsored by PILMMA, Julius is the PPC Focus Specialist for Consultwebs, a law firm web marketing and SEO company. He identified several elements of usability on the SevenishLaw website:

  • An immediate call to action.
  • A contact form “above the fold,” meaning within the first viewable screen.
  • A simple contact form that collects only basic information about a visitor. “Keep it short, don’t ask for the address or phone number,” he said.
  • Resources for visitors to download, such as a special report, accident videos and FAQs.
  • Ample use of visual elements and graphics throughout a site.

“Your goal is to get people to engage with the firm and to provide people with specifically what they are looking for,” he said. “Helpfulness equals clickability, and will get the most conversions and cases.”


Engaging with helpful resources

For example, he asked what kinds of resources would someone with a potential nursing home abuse case find valuable? Examples include:

  • How to identify signs of abuse (and what to do when you find them)
  • Checklist to evaluate your loved one’s nursing home (the questions you should ask)
  • The ten worst nursing homes in America 
  • Doctor-recommended physical therapy aids for your elderly parent (hint: all under $10 per hour)

Julius said potential clients will conduct a Google search about their problem, for example “I was just in a car accident what do I do?”



Creating a click-worthy system

Julius said there are nine steps a firm should take to create click-worthy website assets.

  1. Assemble Your Team
  2. Identify Goals
  3. Outline a Plan
  4. Assign Tasks
  5. Write Content
  6. Design for Conversions
  7. Beta Test
  8. Launch!
  9. Track and Adjust

For a worksheet with the nine steps, download Consultwebs’ Click-Worthy Content Guide.


Composing Infographics

Julius said that infographics engage visitors by displaying complex information in a simple visual illustration, as SevenishLaw has done:



Main vector image courtesy of Feepik.com.

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Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist for LawLytics legal marketing in Tucson, Arizona.


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