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to Your Practice
Why Online Video Is Essential to Your Practice

Why Online Video Is Essential
to Your Practice


Why should you invest the time, money, and effort to add videos to your website?

It’s NOT just about you. It’s not just about making you look good or making you sound smart (Although both are important).

First and foremost, it’s about your market and their buying process. It’s about your potential clients, and how they choose a lawyer. Start by putting yourself in their shoes.

Most of the time, these two things are true:


Potential clients are intimidated by (or at least skeptical of) lawyers.

Reality is that many people are intimidated by lawyers, or had a bad experience with a lawyer who didn’t care about their needs, or believe that most lawyers “just want to take their money.” It’s a perception that must be overcome, and video is an opportunity for you to make the individual comfortable and to reassure them that their needs are going to be met. It’s a chance to show them how much you care. And it’s a chance for them to see your face, your mannerisms, and hear you speak. It breaks down the barrier and removes the fear of the unknown.


Potential clients are facing serious challenges and concerns.

Most of the time a person looking for a lawyer is going through something challenging (divorce, immigration, bankruptcy, and so on) or considering weighty issues (business planning, estate planning, etc). They’re rightfully concerned about the impact these issues will have on their lives and their future. So it’s important that they feel they can TRUST their lawyer with matters that can literally be life-and-death. Because it’s personal and conversational, video can establish trust and create comfort more effectively than just about anything else on your website.

Remember, your prospective clients have choices – you’re probably not the only lawyer that can meet their needs. Google allows potential clients to find dozens of options in just a few moments of searching. If you can use video to address the two core concerns we just covered, it will go a long way towards distinguishing yourself and your practice from the competitors in your market.


So what kind of videos should you use?

Look for ways to establish a connection with your audience while showcasing your expertise at the same time. We’ve found that conversational, un-scripted videos often work best. We recommend that lawyers include a video on the home page of their website in which they introduce themselves, their firm, and most importantly tell their audience how they can help. It’s also helpful to create a video FAQ section on your website, where you can build a library of video responses to the types of questions that your potential clients are asking.

Below are a couple examples from our clients:

Florida estate planning attorney John Mangan introduces himself and his firm in a video embedded on the Home page of his website:


You can see the video in context on his Home page here .

Miami, FL business attorney Brett Trembly answers the question “In what situations do I need a contract with clients?”


You can check out his entire video library here.

Huntsville, AL family attorney Amber James answers the question “How should I expect our divorce to impact our children?”


You can check out her full video library here.


In conclusion

Taking a potential client from “looking for a lawyer” to hiring you is essentially a series of hurdles. They need to recognize their need. They need to see you as the solution. They need to develop trust that you’re going to deliver. Video is one of the best tools out there for overcoming these hurdles… and you need it on your website!

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