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You’re Making Right Now
The Worst LinkedIn Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

The Worst LinkedIn Mistakes
You’re Making Right Now


You have a LinkedIn account, we have a LinkedIn account, heck everyone has a LinkedIn account! LinkedIn has always been the go-to site that everyone flocks to for either finding a job, or employing. We can guarantee that you’re making one OR MORE of the following LinkedIn mistakes when it comes down to yours. Why should you care about your LinkedIn profile? A little while ago, you signed up and got your LinkedIn up and running. That should be enough, you thought, and you left it at that. Did you know, though, that you’re probably HURTING your networking and/or job hunting image with a basic profile?

We promise it will take under five whole minutes to go from a basic, boring, and banal LinkedIn profile to a fresh, fascinating, and Forbes-worthy one.

Profile Picture (or lack thereof). How many times have YOU skipped a person’s profile because there wasn’t a photo to relate the content to? As humans, we’re so incredibly structured that we need to relate faces to subject matter. In today’s digital era, face-to-face won’t cut it anymore, so do the next best thing and upload a picture of yourself, preferably one taken by a professional portrait photographer, and hey, it won’t hurt to smile. :)

Non-customized URL links. We know every page has an URL, and guess what, so does your LinkedIn profile page! The default URL link is relegated to a bunch of letters, symbols, and numbers. Taking a few seconds to replace the mumbo-jumbo with your first and last name, shows that you care about your viewers. Plus, it’ll be a whole lot easier for people to search for you.

Dead Headlines. A popular LinkedIn mistake that lawyers make is to have standard headlines. Senior Lawyer at Boring & Mundane Partners might be a safe thing to write in your headline (find this under your name on LinkedIn) but then you’re pitching yourself as just another name in a sea of names. Take your headline one notch higher, and try something fresh like Defense Lawyer Who Wins Over 70% of Cases at Amazing & Productive Partners. Not only are you marketing yourself as someone who stands out of the crowd, but you’re also showing your skills and strengths in this short headline.

A handful of connections (people you’re connected to on LinkedIn). Unless you’re really a loner, there’s no way that a professional looking to make their presence felt on LinkedIn will settle for any less than 30-50 connections. If you can count all your connections on your right hand, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t go for the spam-style-request-everybody tactic, but select a few individuals that you think will be an asset to your networking endeavors. However, if you’re going for only junior level connections, you’re showing that you’re new, and probably a newbie yourself, and you don’t want that. Try to see if you can get a balance of both veteran and new professionals.

Being irrelevant. Okay, so we’ve been stressing on the importance of being unique and conveying a fresh and happy personality. Please, however, don’t take it too far and make yourself CEO of The Moon and then have your job description state that you’re the one in charge of the lunar year. People will either think you’re a troll, or that you’re just weird, and veer away. There’s a fine line between being humorous and being weird, if in doubt- play it safe and stick to standard content.

Becoming Rip van Winkle. You’re a harangued lawyer with no time in your day, and especially not for social media, we get it. Maybe you’ve never even checked LinkedIn after signing up! However, please do make sure you’re keeping your profile fresh by at least logging in once a week and posting a status or two, and comments. No one wants to know why your significant other made you cry, but we would like to know what you ate at the latest lawyer’s networking association, and that you’re alive and around.

Being boring. Unless your firm specifically states that you have to follow protocol and be a boring person, keep it lively. All professionals are human, and we like to follow posts that talk about the engaging sides of our jobs. Share how all the associates at your workplace got free donuts today, or even just a law related joke.

Sticking to basics. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it allows you to go beyond the resume format, and add other cool things about yourself, so people get to know more about you from a professional standpoint. THough it doesn’t hurt to still have a resume, and if you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while it can be daunting to reformat yours. Don’t worry, that’s what tools like Austin Belcak’s free resume builder are for. In the meantime, focus on highlighting yourself on that LinkedIn page; You aren’t blowing your own trumpet, after all how is your soon-to-be company partner to know that you’ve earned three years of consistent awards for excellency in legal research? Go ahead and add to your list of languages, skills & endorsements, and groups.

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