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The Essentials of an Active Balanced Lifestyle

The Essentials of an Active Balanced Lifestyle


Humans are creatures of habit and more times than not, these habits may be hurting as opposed to helping attain optimal heath. As many busy professionals struggle with maintaining balance, health and wellness gets de-prioritized to accommodate many other competing responsibilities. It has been proven that an active, well-balanced lifestyle does not only improve over all health, but reduces stress, increases energy and enhances focus- all necessary for those living an active lifestyle.

When it comes to heath, keep it simple and look deep into nature,” said Jennifer Pansa, Co-Founder of Juice Lab Key Biscayne and Yoga Journal cover model. “When we over complicate nutrition and exercise with fad diets and conflicting opinions, heath becomes another stressor and too complicated to keep up with.”

Pansa advises finding a work out routine that fits into your schedule and your area of interest. Even a few minutes a day doing yoga or taking a brisk walk can reset and recharge the body.

“It is not about achieving the perfect body, but creating the perfect balance,” said Pansa.

In addition to finding a way to implement exercise, it is equally as important to fuel the body with foods rich in nutrients.

“Treat yourself the same way you would treat a luxury car,” said Pansa. Whole, unprocessed foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, nourish your cells and provide your body with the nutrients and energy to take on the most challenging of days and obstacles while also increasing happy hormones and decreasing stress and adrenaline.

Start the day with fruits to gently detox from any high sugar or fatty foods you may have had the night prior. Try to keep healthy snacks around so the go to isn’t something form the vending machine or coffee shop.

Make small improvements to a diet and exercise routine by introducing simple eating and light workouts that are manageable for your fitness level and schedule.

To get a jump start on a busy day, Jennifer Pansa suggests a blended Breakfast Blast. A fantastic pick me up to sustain energy all day.

Tastes like a mango pina colada

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 mango
  • 1 fresh coconut
  • Ice


About the Author

Jennifer Pansa is co-owner of Juice Lab and co-founder of the organic, cold-pressed juice bar’s flagship location in Key Biscayne. Juice Lab utilizes locally sourced produce to create seasonal, farm-to-bottle blends of fresh juices, smoothies and cleanses.

A Colorado transplant, Pansa was raised with a love and admiration for the outdoors and nature, which became the inspiration for her brand and holistic approach toward life.

Pansa’s first passion is teaching yoga, and the yogi lifestyle was the catalyst to bring Juice Lab to Key Biscayne. Pansa is one of the fastest growing, nationally recognized yoga teachers and is a leader of the South Florida movement. She created Ansa Yoga, a vinyasa based style that focuses on functional flexibility, strength building and empowerment.

Pansa has traveled internationally to share her practice with the world and has taught classes across South Florida at the best luxury spas, fitness facilities and resorts including the Massage Sway – Luxury Spa. Pansa hosted a three-day, private yoga retreat on Richard’s Branson’s Necker Island, and her clients include professional athletes and TV actors from “Burn Notice”, “Graceland” and the “Game of Thrones.”

Pansa was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal’ s May 2014 issue and in the June 2014 issue of American Spa.

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