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SUITSUPPLY: Redefining The Menswear Game

SUITSUPPLY: Redefining The Menswear Game


The legal world is a wilderness of power players, cunning judicial strategy and the occasional bout of courtroom drama. Unfortunately though, through all the countless hours of painstaking research, depositions and interviews, the “power of attorney” tends to diminish when it comes to the style and fashion department. That’s where Suitsupply comes into play. Founded in the Amsterdam University dorm room of law-student-turned-entrepreneur Fokke de Jong, the 14-year-old brand has found an explosion of commercial and critical success, thanks to their provocative (and sometimes controversial) photo campaigns, and a bold, unmistakable European-inspired design that doesn’t shy away from some proper use of color. Add to that their use of top quality fabrics, expert construction, and a dedication to providing a personalized customer experience, and it’s no wonder why the European brand is fast becoming a mainstay of men’s wardrobes the world over.

Perhaps the catalyst in Suitsupply’s surge of popularity was a landmark Wall Street Journal article published in April of 2011. As a recent entrant in the US fashion market, Suitsupply got an encouraging welcome from a publication know for its strict analysis and no-nonsense coverage. After a lineup of retail & fashion staples Armani, J. Crew, Suitsupply, H&M, Hart Schaffner, and, for what we can only assume was used as a the experiment’s control group, Target, the WSJ enlisted a pair of notable judges to give their take. Designer and Fashion Institute of Technology professor Salvatore Giardina, along with designer and Parsons the New School of Design professor Salvatore Cesarani, thoroughly scrutinized the line-up in everything from fit, construction, fabric and style to give readers a picture of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the suit game. To the unexpected surprise of established industry names, Suitsupply’s Sienna suit tied for 1st place with Armani.

Suitsupply earned an enthusiastic top spot thanks to its, in the words of Mr. Giardina, “High quality fabric. Clean, soft construction for comfort,” while Mr. Cesarani lauded the brand for “Lots of attention to detail…”. It should be noted that for the equality of excellence between the two brands, Suitsupply’s Sienna started at $614, compared to Armani’s inexplicably-priced $3,625 suit. Perhaps it this profound attention to detail and uncompromising stance on expert construction that has earned Suitsupply its very well-deserved status as one of the fastest growing names in luxury menswear. You can find the complete breakdown in the Wall Street Journal article right here.



Furthering the success of the brand is it’s take on a versatile aesthetic; offering collections that are easy to wear and even easier to diversify. In a Businessweek.com article titled, “Suitsupply: The 60-Minute Makeover”, author Drake Bennett give us a first-hand account of the personalized service and unique shopping experience that defines the brand almost as much as the clothing itself. Personally attended-to by Suitsupply’s, VP, Nish de Gruiter, Bennett details the ins & outs of what makes Suitsupply a proverbial rock star among mere men. “Suitsupply makes and sells suits for a discerning but price-conscious customer—law firm associates and junior equity analysts, young management consultants and fashion magazine editors. The guys who know Super 150s from Super 110s, full canvas construction from half, but can’t afford Ermenegildo Zegna or Kiton and spring for Paul Smith only when it’s on sale.” Bennett continues, “The company works to attract those with neither the time nor the inclination to spend an hour perusing the swatch book at a traditional custom suit shop. Suitsupply stores have on-site tailors, often positioned in the middle of the store where customers can watch them work. Basic alterations are done while you wait.” For a complete account of the Suitsupply in-store experience, be sure to read the complete Businessweek.com article here.

From the meticulous, hand-finished detailing of its top-tier, Suit Up Line fits, to the all-purpose versatility of its Never Out of Stock line, Suitsupply is ultimately a brand tailored for the common man. All signs of high-brown couture fashion are check at the door, and in its place is an inviting atmosphere akin to a modern bachelor pad. With stylish and highly knowledgeable staff, and a no-pressure sales attitude, Suitsupply is one brand that has carved out an impressive niche in an industry where pushy salesmen in cheesy smile and boxy grey excuses for suits do their best to convince you that whatever you try on looks “amazing”. Suitsupply forgoes the up-sell and instead focuses on bringing a custom-tailored and comfortable fit to the individual. It is this desire to bring about a true style renaissance that has created waves and turned long and first time suit-wearers into loyal and enthusiastic testaments of just what truly personalized suiting can be.



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