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Eyeglasses For Attorneys
Selecting The Right Eyeglasses For Attorneys

Selecting The Right
Eyeglasses For Attorneys


Selecting The Right Eyeglasses For Attorneys

Clarence Darrow wore eyeglasses for reading but always took them off when being photographed. In even the sharpest minds, vanity dies hard.

Ironically, he might have looked even better with glasses. Indeed, many people can acquire a scholarly look, or improve their general appearance, by sporting glasses. Sometimes it’s even advisable for professionals with perfect vision to wear plain-lens glasses because of the way that spectacles can make a person look more intelligent.

“I don’t need them,” you may be saying. “I’m intelligent enough without having to change my look, and I know it.”

That’s all very well and good, but do other people know it? In some cases, a person who is intelligent may be meeting new people who are not yet aware of his braininess, and wearing glasses may instantly boost your image in their eyes, making them think of you as an intellectual right from the start.



And then, of course, there is the romance angle. Romance? What can glasses have to do with romance? . . . The answer may surprise you, but just consider that psychologists have told us that mirroring is a time-tested way to develop rapport with others, including current and potential romantic partners. So, how can you make this work for you in your social life?

Let’s suppose that you’re on a date with your significant other, or with a new potential partner, and the individual happens to be wearing glasses. If you, too, are wearing glasses our research indicates that you’ll almost double your attractiveness to them. The simple fact that you are wearing glasses can make you stand out in their erotic imagination. In fact, many men have a fetish for glasses, and the common platitude that “men don’t make passes at girls in glasses” is demonstrably false, especially if the guy himself is wearing glasses. Have you ever caught your man watching a porn video? If you had, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the actors wearing glasses. You should try and catch him out on tubev.sex and put your glasses suspicions to rest! You may already be aware, but today, glasses have more than a practical purpose; they are also a fashion accessory.



There are several aesthetic concerns when it comes to choosing eyeglasses, but our survey of male and female professionals reveals a useful guideline for choosing effective frames. This is especially helpful if you live in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain where we have so many choices as consumers that it can sometimes take hours, or days, for a customer to choose the frame that he likes best.

The rule that works to give you a pleasing harmony between your face and your new frame is this: Choose a frame that is in contrast with your face’s angularity. For example, if your face is boxy, angular or squarish, choose frames that contrast with your face, meaning you want round or oval frames. Faces that are significantly longer than wide also fall into the angular category and do better with roundish frames.

On the other hand, if your face is roundish or oval shaped, with softer curves, select frames with squarish or rectangular frames for a balancing contrast that will give you a pleasing look. What you want to avoid in most cases is matching frames of the same angularity as your face because, for example, if you have an overly round face and you wear spectacles with round frames, you may look cartoonish. And boxy frames with a squarish face tend to give people a gruff or sometimes a humorous appearance, as in the example of Woody Allen.



The following examples of effective and ineffective frame combinations illustrate the idea that a good match would be a squarish face with round or oval frames, or a roundish face with square or rectangular frames.

Good combinations: squarish, rectangular or long face with round or oval frames

John Lennon

Groucho Marx

Kate Beckinsale

Jennifer Garner

Arthur Miller

Less effective combinations: squarish or rectangular face with angular frames (often resulting in an unintentionally humorous look)

Buddy Holly

Woody Allen

Larry King

Less effective combinations: round face with roundish frames

Marilyn Monroe (This combination was used to add to the comedy of the film How to Marry a Millionaire.)

Al Roker (He looked much more professional when he switched to squarish frames)

Good combinations: roundish face with angular frames

Jennifer Aniston

Jenny McCarthy

Taye Diggs

Unsure if you’ve got a round or square face? Try asking a friend or a clerk in an optician’s office, or email your photo to me.

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Michael Christian
Michael Christian is a former trial attorney and president of Manhattan Makeovers, which conducts research about effective attire for professionals. Writing as William Cane he is the author of eleven books. His firm provides image consultations and makeovers for attorneys from all over the world in their New York and Los Angeles offices.


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