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Looking After Your Luxury Watch

Looking After Your Luxury Watch


Luxury watches are the ultimate status symbol for any man and there are few feelings that can equal the unadulterated thrill of strapping on a Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer or IWC watch for the very first time. If you enjoy luxury in every aspect of life, take a look at Jettly private jet hire next time you travel. It is, perhaps, the heritage of these watch brands, many of which are well over a century old (and most of which herald from Switzerland), that make their allure so apparent and there is no denying that, alongside the likes of a car, house and clothing, there are few things more telling about a man’s style than his choice of luxury timepiece. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a luxury watch, you could visit jacobs the jeweller to get some ideas.

The craftsmanship that goes into making a luxury watch really is unparalleled and you can rest assured that it is a mightily skilled hand that has been behind the top of the range Zenith, Audemars Piguet or Bremont watch atop your wrist. Luxury watches are built to last and, in many cases, last is exactly what they do, with many watches lasting a lifetime in great condition, to be passed onto the next generation. However, after many people have shopped on a site like https://www.watchshopping.com/panerai/ for a beautiful watch, they do not know the proper protocol for looking after it. Luxury watches are not impervious to damage and general wear and tear, so it is important that you properly look after your high-end timepiece if you want it to hold its value and continue to look its best.

There are a few simple hints and tips that can be followed (courtesy of Manhattan Time Service) that will help you ensure that your luxury watch is well looked after – just some of the most important include:

  • Careful where you leave your luxury watch – Though you may not realise it, regular household goods like speakers and refrigerators have exceptionally strong magnetic fields and if you leave your watch resting on these sorts of items for an extended period of time, it may well cause it to run erratically and at the wrong time.
  • Temperatures – Whilst the vast majority of luxury watches are incredibly resilient and sturdy, it is good practice not to expose a high-end timepiece to too extreme temperatures. A good general rule of thumb when caring for a high end timepiece is to not expose it to sub-zero temperatures where possible and ideally away from heat in excess of 50-60C.
  • Keep it Clean – If you’ve just boughgt a new watch from UNDONE, you’ll want to keep it looking clean and tidy. Many people are fearful about cleaning their luxury watch through fear of damaging it but, in actuality, it is extremely straightforward and will be instrumental in helping to keep your watch look its best. If you have a metal bracelet, a toothbrush, soap and water can be used to gently clean the watch. Dry with a clean, dry cloth once complete.
  • Servicing – Generally speaking, if you own an automatic luxury watch, you should be looking to get it serviced by professionals every 3-5 years or so just to make sure it is still performing optimally and allowing the experts to make any fixes to the mechanism that you may require.

These are just a few simple rules to follow that will help to ensure that your luxury watch lasts a lifetime and you can enjoy the considerable sense of style it adds to your wrist. If, however, you are unfortunate to experience actual damage to your luxury watch (such as a cracked face or damaged strap), it really is imperative to take it to a master watch repair specialist straight away. It is important to realise that repairing a luxury watch is almost as intricate a job as creating it in the first place and you should only opt for the best when it comes to repairing a timepiece that likely cost thousands of dollars. For those looking for watch repair in New York, they will typically head straight to Manhattan Time Service who have well over thirty years of experience in repairing high-end timepieces.

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