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for Your Law Firm
Successful Local Search Strategies for Your Law Firm

Successful Local Search Strategies
for Your Law Firm


Local SEO (and especially local citations) are extremely important for lawyers. That is because most of the time potential clients are local and going to the internet to research and select an attorney. All of the usual suspects for local citations are still great to use. Sites like Google Places, Bing Business listings, Yahoo, Local.com and all the other well-known watering holes are places lawyers need to have a presence. There are some directories and services that don’t get a lot of attention (or that you may not have heard of). Having your firm listed on these sites just might get you a few more clients than your competition.


Facebook Places

Facebook has long had an interest in in marrying location information to user behavior; a notion that brings the concept of social full circle. If Facebook knows you are at a restaurant in your home town, that data allows them to show you relevant ads. It allows them to connect you with friends nearby or facilitate any number of other features.

For lawyers, checking your presence on Facebook places is a good idea for a few of reasons:

  1. Not a lot of competition knows about it
  2. The information may be inaccurate
  3. Many people find attorneys using word of mouth[1] and increasingly that exchange happens on social (not to mention on mobile)


Make Sure Your Firm’s NAP is Right

Visit www.facebook.com/directory/places and do a quick search for your firm. If you have a Facebook page you will see that popup first. Just click the Places link in the left column.


You should then see your firm in the list of places on Facebook. Check to see if your business information is correct. If it isn’t correct, you can click on your listing and suggest an edit in Facebook’s editor.


Twitter Geo Location

In 2014 Twitter announced[2] that it would add location services to its platform so users

would know not only when but where a Tweet was made. Location information on a Twitter account is turned off by default so you have to opt-in to it. Once on, attorneys can add location information into desktop or mobile Tweets.



Why is Twitter Geo-Location Important?

If your potential clients are on Twitter (and some of them likely are), they can see your tweets based on location. People are often very interested in local information whether it’s news, events, businesses or their own network. If a potential client wanted to see tweets related to their local neighborhood or city for example (and assuming you tagged your Tweets with that location) they would see your firm’s tweets whether they are following you or not.

Another wildcard is that Google is indexing more and more Tweets[3]. That combined with the company’s emphasis on delivering the most robust local results[4] could mean that location information might play a role in what tweets show up for local searchers.



You wouldn’t think it but Foursquare has been moving in a direction of becoming a data aggregator[5] ever since 2013. If you use Yext or any of the other citation services[6], you probably have a profile on Foursquare already. If not, (and even if you do) it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure your firm name, address and phone number are all correct.

The check-in company has also spent a ton of time re-vamping its application and brand image[7]. They have plans to develop a service related to local search that appeals to the company’s 50 million + users. For attorneys, now is the time to jump on board. Make sure your profile is filled out completely and if you don’t have a Foursquare account, you can start one here[8].

For lawyers, the key to having a successful online presence in local search means being in as many places at once with consistent information as they can. Use the features and services in this post as well as any other fresh ideas that you can come up with to increase the number of places you can be found online.


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