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How to Wear The 5 Must-Have Fall Styles for Women

How to Wear The 5 Must-Have Fall Styles for Women


How to Wear The 5 Must-Have Fall Styles for Women

Professional women, myself included, have a hard time walking the fashion fine line between professional and stylish. It’s too easy to lose yourself in the land of grey and black suits and pencil skirts. When the weather dips, the leaves change and the Starbucks menu finally includes the feted Pumpkin Latte, your style will need some updating to be Fall fashion ready. This season is all about making a statement and when wearing these 5 must-have styles for Fall, a little bit goes a long way:



Animal prints are popping up everywhere this season, on and off the runway. Do not be afraid to play with animal prints which can update any basic look. The key is not to go overboard, and remember that your goal is not to look like the animal whose print you are wearing. You should always work with a single animal printed piece accompanying a very basic look (I personally prefer the ultra-basic, black and white when donning animal prints). I love a soft white tee and skinny jeans or a pencil skirt with a leopard or zebra printed belt or ballet flats. If you are adventurous, you can go with a more brightly colored animal print like cobalt blue or red, but I suggest sticking with a bright accessory like a clutch or a pair of shoes over an animal printed article of clothing. I will always advise against cheetah printed skinny jeans or zebra printed dresses and/or anything channeling a Halloween costume.



Jewel tones always prevail in Fall fashion when the brightly colored pieces of Spring and Summer have come and gone like last season. For jewel toned pieces think deep plum purples, dark navy blues, teals and emerald greens; these colors make a big statement and demand a confident and bold look. While you can always fall back on the classic black, which translates and adapts across the seasons, jewel tones are just as dramatic and bold but can really revamp your basic Fall look. When playing with jewel tones, don’t shy away from metallics or shinier fabrics; the deeper hues accentuate pleats and draping in a big way. This season I am loving on jewel toned coats and outerwear pieces: think a deep amethyst calf-length coat or a navy silk-lapel blazer. Please keep in mind to be very careful when attempting to match your jewel-toned piece to your make-up. The best way to accentuate jewel-toned fashion is with a very neutral face and a colorful lip. Matching your eye shadow and eyeliner to your outfit can overshadow the piece and borders on tacky. If you need that pop of color, play with a pink or red lip or a bold blue shoe.



Chunky knit sweaters are always one of my favorite Fall trends and it’s no wonder why: comfortable and chic all at the same time? Yes, always yes! This awesome trend is dumb proof and worth the investment as it is trending every Fall / Winter season. Chunky sweaters can be worn in all colors and styles and are easily layered over a look. To pull off this Fall trend, the chunkier the better. Your look should be slightly disheveled yet put together; think layered over dark skinny jeans and a great pair of booties or a bold print maxi skirt and flats. The luxe texture of knit sweaters makes the look seem (and, feel) effortless. I am loving grey chunky sweaters because the color is so versatile and gives a more comfortably luxe look than a bright yellow knit. For a more Bohemian style, look for floor-grazing button-down cardigan cut sweaters and pair with a brown belt. To style an evening look, layer a darker colored chunky turtleneck knit over a pencil skirt and pair with tights, your favorite stilettos and a deep red lip. If you are dressing to impress, switch out the pencil skirt for a mini.



Boxy bags are back and in a big way! On and off the runway, all over the red carpet and filling the 856 pages of September’s Vogue, boxy bags are the it accessory for Fall. Every major designer is moving far away from the slouchy, oversized bucket shapes and showcasing traditional, more polished and sturdy briefcase-like bags such as these Filson Bags, but there are plenty of others that people like the look of. I certainly love these types of bags. The boxy bag is functional meets luxury, and the perfect investment for Fall. I am all for color and texture and crazy price tags when it comes to choosing a new bag. You can instantly update any look by adding a statement purse. The trending boxy shaped satchels are my favorite because they are slightly less rigid and square and can be worn from day to night. I am a huge fan of the Louis Vuitton and Chanel versions of this recycled style, which is an investment that pays off every time the trend resurfaces. Of course, if you are on a budget then you could always invest in a replica LV handbag. Replica designs have come a long way over the past few years, and it is much more difficult to spot the difference between a replica or the real thing. For the professional woman, these bags are functional given the sturdy briefcase shape. I advise a bag with both a long strap and a handle-like strap; the handle-like strap can be used in more professional settings transforming it into more of a briefcase while the bag can also be worn in the evening or on the weekends with the longer strap for a more carefree yet classic, somewhat ’80’s-vintagey look.



I have to admit, I am not a very sparkly, glittery type of girl when it comes to my fashion and style choices. However, it is impossible to ignore the trending sparkle of Fall fashion. There are sparkly boots, sparkly mini dresses, and sparkly sequined everything. Unless you are walking a red carpet or walking down the aisle, a lot of sparkle all at once is very much not okay. However, similar to animal print, a little bit of sparkle can really update your Fall look. Designers have leaned on gold sparkle this season which really compliments Fall color palettes (think browns and bronzes, deep corals, peaches and pinks). The best way to sparkle is minimally; one piece that sparkles goes a very long way. I am pairing gold shoes with a simple classic look, black skirt, white tee and a bun. Keep your look understated and use the sparkly piece to revamp the style. I love my black and gold striped sparkly scarf paired with black skinny jeans and a white tank. Make your evening look sparkle by pairing your LBD with glittery heels (Christian Louboutin makes an awesome gold pair). For a more effortless look, pair a small sparkly clutch with a pair of jeans and heels.

Remember, less is more and always stay true to your own, personal style. You will look and feel more confident if you work with what you have. Use these 5 must-have styles to revamp your Fall look in a way that best expresses you.

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Alison Lindy Higgins
Alison Lindy Higgins
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