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How to Properly Wear a Tie

How to Properly Wear a Tie


It’s no secret the Italians are very stylish, so when my Italian father in-law sent me a link to the very stylish www.style.corriere.it , I had to share their excellent guide on ties and how to wear them in 10 steps, subtly edited to my tie preferences. This simple but visually stunning guide provides expert advice to help you make the perfect tie choices. Although the original article was for ten steps, I only found nine. No matter how many tips you find, these will make the perfect foundation when wearing a tie.


1. Tie Width

Tie Width


A tie should not exceed a width of more than 9 cm and never less than 8. The only exception is given by knitted ties, which are certainly more consistent between 6 and 7 cm. Overcoming the 9 cm limit with a normal body size, we risk falling into the trap of excess.


2. Tie Length

Tie Length

Never a length above the waist; In fact, it should be directly proportional to your height. If you wore high-waisted trousers (pants) with braces (suspenders) or waistcoat (vest) to alter the perception of your proportions, your tie should also be proportionately shorter.


3. The Tail

The Tail

Shovel rear, the smaller one or tail, should never be too short compared to the big one, namely that front. If this should happen on a regular basis there are two cases: either it is you missed something with the knot, or the tie is too short for you. The same is true when the rear blade far surpasses that front. You get closer to perfection when the two blades reach the same length (or almost) touching the belt.


4. Knot Size

Knot Size

Avoid knots with size close to grapefruit or artichokes. Elegance is in the correct proportions.  The proportion, in particular, provides for a differentiation between the dimensional size of the knot and the width of the front face.


5. Tie Weight

Tie Weight

Avoid buying ties interiors more like bulletproof vests, Wear them only in those “hot spots” on the planet! Ensure the tie is lighter and is comfortable. This will ensure the tie is comfortable to wear all day.


6. Knot Tightness

Knot Tightness

The knot should be tight enough to ensure it does not slip. The knot must adhere perfectly to the collar of his shirt. The knot is like a painting in a frame if it is not centered any artistic talent you possess will be blinded. Terrible scenes are those in which, the knot has dropped, we see even the last closing button of the shirt.


7. Tie Color

Tie Color

Choose your tie colour appropriately. Never tie a clear evening; light colors greet the first rays of sun, intermediate accompany them into the sunset and the darker are the transition between day and night.

8. Tie Care

Tie Care

Never wear the same tie two days in a row; the silk and the interior should be rested: they must return to its former glory. Store your ties correctly, either on a proper tie hanger, or rolled up neatly, but loosely in a drawer.


9.  Dandy Rules

Dandy Rules

For the Dandy, rules are there to be broken. To him, thanks to his aesthetic genius, everything can be granted, and rules for others can be disregarded.


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Steve Mitchell is a style blogger and image consultant who specializes in style and etiquette for the modern gentleman. This article was previously posted at Mr. Mitchell’s blog site – The Mitchelli.

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