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FTC Disclosures

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently updated its guidelines regarding disclosures related to endorsements and testimonials. We want to ensure that we are following these FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials so we have provided the following information below.

  1. We sell display ads to vendors of products and services that we think attorneys might find valuable in their practice.
  2. We run display ads and use text links for which we are paid or have an “affiliate” relationship. These affiliate relationships pay a small commission when readers buy from our affiliate vendors after following our affiliate link.
  3. We do not endorse products or services in exchange for compensation.  We may periodically review products and services offered by our paying advertisers.  However, these reviews are never promised as part of an advertising relationship.
  4. We may periodically review products after receiving a free sample of that product. We disclose in our reviews that we received the products for free.
  5. We may also directly sell some products and services of our own.