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Effective YouTube Marketing Tips For Lawyers

Effective YouTube
Marketing Tips For Lawyers


Youtube has always been a great platform for marketing. It is extremely easy to make and upload a halfway decent video and with some tips and guidance, lawyers can make powerful marketing videos for their firm. However, YouTube is a very prevalent platform, and though this can mean your video could reach an unthinkable number of people, it will also make it more difficult for your content to be seen. Fortunately, the advice on sites like Buyoutubeviews.com makes it easier for your channel and videos to be accessible and seen by a wide variety of people. With this advice taken, your video marketing technique should be extremely successful. If you are interested in making a marketing video, but don’t want to do it by yourself then you could easily use a company like this Video marketing agency to help you out. Check out these tips specifically designed for lawyers using video online to promote their firms.

Make Videos That Your Audience Wants

Promotional videos about your firm are great but for a sustained video marketing effort, you should make content that your target audience wants to see. A good place to look is frequently asked questions that you or your firm always hears. People love actionable content that they can put to good use. We do not search for commercials online or in YouTube but we search for results and answers to our questions. Teach searchers something they do not already know.

Jonathan Ginsberg provides a great example in his video about applying for social security disability[1]. He has a channel devoted to the topic and gives some good information to his audience on the application process. He has over 500 subscribers to his channel and he has made many videos.


Another lawyer who does a really great job at marketing with YouTube videos in this genre is Gerry Oginski[2]. He has videos on all sorts of topics[3] from types of defenses to experiences from similar cases in the medical malpractice field. He does a great job of being engaging and lively in his videos. He has also done very well at building his following with nearly 1,500 subscribers at the time of this writing!


Gerry also gave us some excellent tips[4] in an interview he did on video marketing for lawyers on YouTube.

Make Videos Frequently

If you are committed to video marketing, you will need to make more than just one or two. Make at least one video and upload it to video platforms once a week or once every couple of weeks. Make sure all of your videos are not self-promotional. It is ok to do one or two of these but any more and people will become disinterested. Stick to videos with content that helps or informs your target audience.

Adding content on a regular basis also opens the doors for other opportunities like embedding videos on your website and building a subscribership not to mention a steady flow of traffic to your website.

Create Calls to Action in Videos

Regardless of what your video is about, if you have managed to hook some viewers you will want to drive them toward your site. Put a call to action in the footer of your video or in the last screen that includes your phone number and your website. Check out how the Dolman Law Group did this in their video[5]. You can do this during editing (to edit, use a software like final cut pro x for windows) and you can also add links to external sources using annotations in YouTube[6].


You can create links to your Google Plus profile right in your videos using annotations. YouTube does not currently support sending people directly to your website unless you are using AdWords (more on that later) but you can send them to your G+ profile page. You will first have to enable annotations in your account. If you have not verified your YouTube account you will have to do so before annotations will be available.

Click on Video Manager at the top of your YouTube channel.


Click on “Channel” in the left column and that will bring up the channel settings page below. You will see a verify button that will start you on the verification process.


You can then choose between a phone call or text message verification.


Once you verify the account, you will see a green light next to the annotations portion of your channel and text that says “Verified.”


To create an annotation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to video manager again
  2. Next to the video you want to edit click the down arrow on the edit button and select annotations
  3. Once on the editing screen for annotations, you just need to pick where you want your annotation, how you want it displayed and which destination you want the link to go to. Note that you can choose other videos, a channel, or a fundraising page instead of Google Plus.


Yes it would be way cooler to have a link to your site but at least you can drive people deeper into your online presence if the first place they have discovered you is on YouTube. If you are using AdWords though you will have more options (more on that in a moment).

Hire a Professional

Making a professional video is more complicated than it looks. There are subtle things like lighting, sound, behavior of the person on camera and other things that can make or break a video. If you have the budget for it, hire a professional production company or freelancer to help you with video marketing on YouTube.

A good video production company can guide you on what looks good and how to position yourself for success. Making a video can also be a very time-consuming process, time that attorneys should be spending on their core profession. A professional can make things go much smoother and faster not to mention have the proper equipment to make a quality product. Professionals understand how to pick great music from websites similar to https://patrickdearteaga.com/royalty-free-music/ to go into your videos to create an immersive experience for your audiences.

SEO Your Video

Lawyers should build a strong SEO foundation for their videos by following best practices while uploading. Note that these tips will not help your pages on your website rank but they will help your videos get found more frequently in search.

  • Fill out all text fields and other information when uploading a video to YouTube
  • Include keywords (that you want the video to show up for) in the description, title, tags and file name of the upload
  • Link to your video wherever you can (i.e. other social accounts, your website, etc). Sharing on Reddit can be especially helpful
  • Get people to comment on your video
  • Get people to like your video
  • Write long video descriptions (a good way to do this is to transcribe the video and put that in the description)

You can also have your videos transcribed and put the content on your site if you do not use it in your video description. That is an easy way to add content to your site and get the video some additional exposure.

Callout Extensions in AdWords

This strategy only works when using AdWords but you can add external links to your website when you have active campaigns in AdWords by using call-out extensions (also called call-to-action overlays[7]). Using the overlays you can add links to your attorney website that are relevant to the video content. You can even add overlays at specific sections of a video where they might be most relevant. Note that there is no additional charge for using this feature in AdWords.



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