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Managing Stress Through Yoga
Disconnecting to Connect: Managing Stress Through Yoga

Disconnecting to Connect:
Managing Stress Through Yoga


Something many attorneys, entrepreneurs and CEOs have in common is that they do not know how to disconnect. It is very easy to get consumed by the stress of a heavy workload and a long list of responsibilities. Many are working 60+ hours a week with little to no quality time for themselves, especially if managing a family life, too.

Some will quickly burn out from this busy lifestyle, but the good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are simple ways and small habits to shift that help you live a more balanced lifestyle.

  1. The Mindful Lawyer: The best way to start your morning is 10 minutes of breathing exercises. Starting the morning off mindfully is the perfect way to set an intention for your day and learn to be more present with every breath. You’ll start to notice when meeting with a client, you feel more centered and calm. You become aware of your presence and your presentation will have an impact on how the client relates to you.
  2. Sitting Stretches: As someone that tends to sit at a desk for most of the day, heart-opening poses help with posture and releasing the tension that just builds up all day. Constantly looking over cases and worrying about clients’ concerns start to take a toll on the body and yoga is the perfect remedy to reverse these effects. For example, 3-5 simple “neck rolls” relieve tension on the neck and upper back. Take 5-10 minutes out of your busy day to gift this to your body.
  3. Travel Like a Yogi: For the jet-setting attorney, there are many windows of opportunity to bring yoga practices along with you. First, you’ll find that sitting stretches learned for your desk can be applied on a flight. Next, talk to hotel staff and see if there are options to rent a yoga mat for your room or enroll in their in-house yoga classes. Finally, hook up to some Wi-Fi and scout the internet for short yoga videos to do straight from the comfort of your room. Especially when traveling for work, it’s important to reward your body for working overtime.


You might be reading this thinking “yoga is only for women or people with time – that’s not me,” which is furthest from the truth. Traditionally, Hatha Yoga practice in India was mostly for men. More than 7 Million Men in the US are coming to yoga for many reasons including mindfulness, stress management and cross training. It can be intimidating stepping into a room full of experienced “yogis” when you can barely touch your toes, but it’s important to remember that starting yoga is a personal journey – tailor it to your needs and time commitment

More importantly, start to make time for you. Look out toward your community for local yoga classes. From beginner yoga to invigorating flying yoga, there is something for everyone. With some commitment, you’ll start to notice extreme physical, mental and emotional benefits, helping you focus more on your daily to-dos. Furthermore, if, after some experience, you find that yoga is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle, you might even wish to pursue a yoga teacher training course such as: https://www.siddhiyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training-goa to enable you to bring this unique discipline to others.

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Mark Oliver, Founder of YOGiiZA. YOGiiZA, is a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle brand that produces Organic Clothing for Organic People™. YOGiiZA is available for purchase online at yogiiza.com, and in luxury hotels, spas, yoga studios and natural product outlets across the country.

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