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By 30% Without Paying More
Boost Your Adwords Campaign By 30% Without Paying More

Boost Your Adwords Campaign
By 30% Without Paying More


For much of Adwords’ existence, advertisers were limited to a tiny classified ad 130 characters in text. Fortunately, Google Adwords releases new features all the time. One feature they have recently released is called ad extensions. Ad extensions allow users to provide extra information about their business in existing ads. This extra information helps searchers respond to advertiser’s ads, and allows the ads to stand out significantly more than the competition. With all these new updates from Google, it may be worth looking for a Pay Per Click agency that will be able to help you understand them better. This will let you get better PPC results. Digital marketing is an important side of any business that’s hoping to promote themselves in the digital space which is why many look towards services from the likes of Growmeo to help them grow.

All advertisers have the opportunity to create powerhouse ads in today’s Google auction. Ads that can boost response by as much as 30% and blow away your competition. The best part about these ad extensions is there’s no additional charge to implement them and they take very little extra effort to include them in your campaigns. Since they’re now available to your competition as well, they’re now critical to the success of your campaign.

What exactly does this mean to the success of your legal search marketing campaigns?

First, you get more traffic to your site because you’ve just boosted its performance by 30%. Assuming you have a high conversion rate of clicks to leads, this should increase the number of new leads as well.

Also, Google rewards successful advertisers with lower click prices. That goes a long way when trying to compete in the pay per click market for law firms these days, especially when you’ve got a company handling your PPC Management in Toronto giving you a competitive edge.

Why would Google reward their advertisers?

Relevancy and revenue. If people are clicking an ad, then users find it relevant. If people are clicking an ad, then Google makes more money off that ad as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. (As long as you the advertiser turn those clicks into leads and new clients.) Ultimately, this improves marketing efficiency on your existing advertiser dollars to produce more leads.

How do you enable ad enhancements in your accounts?

Very few lawyers and attorneys are taking advantage of these new Google Adwords features. They’re either unaware they exist or they don’t have the time or knowledge on how to implement them.

Ad Extensions can be found in the campaign view of your account. It’s in the extensions tab while in the campaign view. See the below image.


What ad enhancements should Attorneys be using in their ads?

While there are several ad extensions offered by Google Adwords, only a handful are useful or eligible for legal campaigns. The entire purpose of the campaign is to drive new leads, so you only want to implement those that are going to contribute to that goal while differentiating your firm from the competition. Below are some ad extensions along with strategies on how to use them correctly.

Location Extensions – You can link your Adwords account together with your Google my Business account (Formerly Google Places). Syncing them together allows you to display your firm’s address next to your ad to searchers in your vicinity. This is a very powerful feature for local businesses and makes your ad appear much larger than it normally would.

Below, We’ve highlighted an example of a firm utilizing the location extension (blocked out for confidentiality). You can see how they get an extra line with a map icon and their address displayed. This stands out dramatically on the page by making the ad bigger. Plus you get the added benefit of searchers seeing you are a local business.


Call Extensions – Call extensions allow you to display a phone number next to your ad. And if the searcher is on a mobile device, you can make this a click to call number, making it very easy for a mobile searcher to get a hold of you.

Occasionally, you may get calls from people who see your number, write it down, and call the number, never clicking your ad. This means that call was free! That’s pretty cool when dealing with expensive clicks. One note, if you’re using a tracking phone number (which you should be doing) enter this number as your call extension. This is so you can track the statistics of people who call from this ad.


Sitelinks – You can add extra links to your ads linking to deeper parts of your website. You’re allowed 25 characters with each link. They run below your regular ads, and allow you to include more benefits and options for searchers. Searchers click more often when a link is directly related to their needs. Here’s some ideas of what to include in your site links; you can send people to a free download, a free consultation page, a page to signup for your newsletter, or your contact page.

The text in each link should contain either a benefit or a call to action as well.

For example,

  • Free Consultation. Call Us
  • Download Free Report Here
  • No Fee if We Don’t Win
  • 100% Guarantee


Call Outs

These are extra lines of text you can add to your legal ads. Again, you’re allowed 25 characters of text, and up to 4 can be displayed at a time. They look like the site links mentioned above but are not clickable links. They are only text. This is more space to include additional benefits and stand apart from your competitors. You’ll want to include additional benefits that you weren’t able to include in the other components of your ads.

Below is an example of a firm that utilizes callouts in a fantastic way. They’ve taken the opportunity to highlight more benefits, and the credibility boosting comment of helping over 5,000 clients.


Review Extensions

Review extensions allow you to highlight a quote from a third-party source. This is powerful because a third party write-up builds credibility much more than you can ever highlight yourself. Below is an example of a review extension.


There are some strict conditions to getting a review extension to show, such as the review coming from a publication/organization within the past year, taking the review form the original source, and a few more. However, if you have some press and articles about your firm, it’s definitely worth exploring. We’ve seen this extension alone more than double the click-through rate of some of our client’s ads. See the image below and you’ll see how much review extensions have increased the performance of our client’s ad campaign.


As a law firm using Google Adwords, it’s critical to gain an extra advantage you can over your competition. In today’s Google auction, we believe it’s critical to start a campaign with a minimum of location, call, site links, and callout extensions. Not only do these new extensions make your ad more prominent on the page, but they dramatically increase the performance of your Law Firms pay per click campaigns. We encourage you to take advantage of these extensions and experiment with what works for your firm. As always, be sure to track your success and test different versions of your ads. If you feel like pay-per-click ads are the right way to go for your exposure, make sure you are picking the right agency where you are, one that can monitor any fraudulent clicks, for example, if you are in the Californian area you may want to go for a PPC Agency Los Angeles to help with your advertising, check your local area for agencies close to you.

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