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Bartaile: Handbags Designed for Chic, Professional Women

Bartaile: Handbags Designed for Chic, Professional Women


Bartaile is a modern travel brand designed for – and inspired by – people going places… places like the office or the gym. Or London. Or the top. Bartaile believes in a singular mission: create good looking, functional things to take you anywhere. This collection is absolutely perfect for the professional woman, especially attorneys who tend to have a ton of paperwork to carry around.

Legal Ink Magazine’s Alison Lindy Higgins, Esq. spoke with Amina and Felicia, the co-founders of Bartaile:

ALH: Where do you get your inspiration?

Amina: Let’s take it from the start. The truth is that women’s professional bags are a complete after-thought. Proof: every couple of years, women try to adopt a new fashion bag to see if it works for their busy, daily lives.

Felicia: The problem is most of these bags are totes. They’re not comfortable to carry when commuting to work or running through an airport.

        A: Then there’s backpacks – but the ones on the market are either too professional, in other                words boring and not fabulous enough, or too casual

A: That’s how it started. But we quickly realized that the problem was larger than that. The problem is endemic to the entire travel bag space.

Felicia: As in, I love everything I own … except my work bag and my luggage. Luggage sucks.

Amina: So we’re going to make it not suck! Work bags and travel bags.

Felicia: Boom.

Amina: And then there’s the bird …

Felicia: Right! At about the time we were dreaming up Bartaile (then still a nameless project) I came across an amazing creature in an article I was reading : the bar-tailed godwit.

Amina: It really is amazing. The bird flies 7,000 miles in 8 days, from Alaska to New Zealand, without a single pause. It has the longest known migration of any species.

Felicia: So we named our brand after it, as a metaphor for all the women we know who are awesomely unstoppable.

Amina: These women inspire us every day, which is why we created the #goingplaces campaign.

ALH: Can you elaborate on your #goingplaces campaign?

Amina: All along Bartaile has been about building a travel brand that is inspired by and created for busy, awesome women.

Felicia: Women that are going places – both literally and figuratively.

Amina: And we want to celebrate these women!

Felicia: Our #goingplaces campaign does exactly that – we asked around and researched, and found all these amazing, beautiful women doing incredible things. They are yoga instructors, floral designers, tech entrepreneurs, teachers and CEOs.  And we put them at the very center of our brand. They’re the models on our website, they tested the C12 bag and provided feedback, and they’re – whether they realize it or not – driving the brand and it’s next products.

Amina: In fact, you shouldn’t be interviewing Felicia and I, you should be interviewing the women that were featured – and the many we would like to feature in the future.

One happy customer said,

“I LOVE my bag – and have been showing it off all over San Francisco and it’s my go-to work bag now for my commute.”   

– Steph, San Francisco


ALH: Which style is your personal favorite?

Amina: I love the C12 Bag in heathered grey – it’s chic and the canvas body makes it pretty much indestructible and waterproof.

Felicia: My personal favorite is the all-leather C12 Bag, because it transitions very seamlessly from day to night.

ALH: Which style would you recommend for the chic, professional woman?

Amina: They’re all great! The chic, professional woman is exactly who we had in mind when we designed it.

Felicia: Exactly, though the best sellers are the black, green and grey bags.


ALH: Who is your favorite designer(s)?

Amina: We were lucky to work with Timo Weiland on the design of the C12 Bag – we selected him because we love his designs. And we were very lucky he loved our idea too!

Felicia: That’s right. In general we seem to have an affinity for young, contemporary designers that are not overthinking fashion. They’re making versatile,creative takes on styles that can be worn all day every day. Timo Weiland, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and Rag & Bone come to mind.

Amina: We also love a fresh take on women’s workwear by our friends at Of Mercer – check them out at www.ofmercer.com!




I want to thank the girls of Bartaile for chatting with me about their collection and I look forward to the launch! As an attorney, I can appreciate how much thought went into the utilization aspect of a designer bag. I feel like there is a big gap in the market for fashionable bags that can get the job done.

Bartaile’s official launch is Monday, October 19th! Get on the mailing list at bartaile.com prior to the launch for VIP, early bird treatment and an invitation to the official NYC launch. For more information and updates, follow Bartaile on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Alison Lindy Higgins
Alison Lindy Higgins
Alison Lindy Higgins, Esq. is the Managing Editor of Legal Ink Magazine and a member of the California Bar Association with a focus in Entertainment and Fashion Law. Prior to attending law school, she received a post-graduate degree in Fashion Design and earned a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin.


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