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“Best Practices” In <br>Offering Limited Legal Services

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This is the third article in a three part series discussing the concept of “unbundled” or “limited legal services.” The first article discussed how offering limited legal services can open up new […]

Unbundling Legal Services: Protecting <br>Yourself from Malpractice Claims

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This article is the second installment of a three part series discussing the topic of unbundling legal services. The first article titled “The Opportunity Of Unbundling  Legal Services To Your Practice” appeared […]

Document Automation For Your Practice: Fight or Flight?

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For years some law firms, but not all, have used some form of document automation in their law offices. Ranging from an MS Word macro to long standing programs such […]

15 Best Practices <br>For Law Firm Web Design

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Unless your Web site is findable when people search on keywords related to your law practice, you will not get any new leads. Without traffic to your Web site, you […]