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Online Privacy Laws <br>Gain Traction in Several States

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Over the past several years, online privacy has become a hot button issue in state legislatures across America. Online privacy isn’t just an issue in the USA; it is becoming […]

Improving Your Client’s <br>Corporate Image Though Social Media

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Improving Your Client’s Corporate Image Through Social Media In 2014, social media represents one of the most powerful marketing tools at the disposal of businesses large and small. If your […]

Advising Clients on Social Media

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In today’s digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a social media profile that tells a clear, cohesive story. Given that social media posts can have serious legal […]

Why Your Practice Website Matters

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Technology has fueled the rise of the uber-professional – always connected, always available. That’s especially true for those of us in client-oriented sectors. But in the deluge of technologies that […]

Does Your Online Reputation Pass the Bar?

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Many of us used to rely solely on the recommendations of family, friends or colleagues when we were on the hunt for something – whether it was a new restaurant, […]

Smart Social Responses to Online Reviews

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It’s safe to say that for most attorneys, “customer service” is something we define more traditionally and it’s certainly not a quality we list first among the arsenal of abilities […]