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How To Tell If Your Birkin Bag Is Real

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How To Tell If Your Birkin Bag Is Real: I am not an expert in deciphering if a Birkin is real or not and that is why I will only […]

Fashion Law And The Modeling World

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Fashion Law and The Modeling World We naturally think of models when we think of the fashion industry. Many people consider modeling as glamorous and low-stress jobs. The truth is […]

Does Your Style Break <br>Fashion Rules or Existing Laws?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the arbitrary fashion rules that plague many (from no white after Labor Day to not mixing prints). Since I’ve often seen lists of silly, […]

Holiday Shopping Guide:<br> How To Tell If A Pearl Is Real

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Can you distinguish imitation pearls from genuine pearls? I recently posted Chanel pearls on my Instagram account, which reminded me that given the high price and popularity, Chanel “pearls” are […]