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For over 30 years as a tax attorney William D Hartsock, Esq has provided clients with the most aggressive representation available under the law. Mr. Hartsock is the owner of TheTaxLawyer.com, a law firm comprised of Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers and Bookkeepers.

Understanding the <br>Key Elements of Tax Evasion

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The most common federal tax crime is tax evasion, which is specifically defined in 26 U.S.C. § 7201 as a failure to report taxes, reporting taxes inaccurately, or failing to […]

Alternatives To Litigation <br>in Tax Dispute Resolution

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Cases in Tax Court can sometimes be settled through a binding arbitration process or other alternative dispute resolution methods rather than tax court litigation. Under Tax Court Rule 124, parties to […]

Dealing with the DOJ Tax Division <br>On Your Criminal Tax Case

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The Department of Justice Criminal Tax Division has the ultimate authority to review and prosecute criminal tax cases. If you are subject to a criminal tax investigation or prosecution, it will likely be […]

Identity Theft from A <br>Tax Representative’s Perspective

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Tax attorneys may be called upon to help clients if they are victims of identity theft such as refund theft. Identity theft is becoming more widespread and potentially very damaging to […]

4 Strategies for Beating IRS Audits

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When faced with an IRS audit, an effective strategy can be the key to obtaining a favorable outcome for the taxpayer. Early in the audit process, the taxpayer or his […]

Will Your Tax Return <br>Raise an Audit Red Flag?

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Although the chances of being audited are relatively rare, certain items on a taxpayer’s tax return stand out as “red flags” to the IRS agents responsible for selecting returns to […]

10 Unusual But Legitimate Tax Deductions

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Unusual But Legitimate Tax Deductions As a small business owner, there are many deductions that you may be surprised to know even exist. Although small business owners tend to typically […]

How to Recognize the Signs of Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a serious crime and of increased concern in recent years. Somewhat more concerning is that one million children feel victim to identity theft last year, which emphasizes […]

Can You be Prosecuted for <br>Perjury in Your Tax Returns?

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Yes, the Internal Revenue Code has its very own perjury and false statements statute. This crime is separate from the tax evasion statute, and different elements must be present for […]