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A Refresher On Retirement <br>Plans for Solo Practitioners

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According to the National Bar Association, nearly 50 percent of all private lawyers in the U.S. are solo practitioners. Being out on your own, either in a solo practice or […]

The Importance of Portfolio Rebalancing<br> in Your Investment Strategy

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Global diversification gives investors a valuable tool for managing risk and volatility in a portfolio. But smart diversification comes with an important caveat – it requires maintenance. In a given […]

Making Sense of Inherited IRAs

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When dealing with the loss of a loved one, you’re often times tasked with managing their assets. One major asset is their IRA. An Inherited IRA is an individual retirement […]

The Perils of Investing in the Moment

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Living in the moment. In life, I think it is a good thing. But does the same hold true when it comes to investing? I think the evidence is rather […]

How Much Investment Risk Can You Tolerate?

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Risk is a term we hear often in the investment world. But what does risk really mean and why is it such an important factor when developing an investment plan? […]

How to Avoid Mistakes When Balancing Your Fixed Income

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Fixed income, an investment that pays regular income in the form of interest, a coupon payment or preferred dividend, can play an important role in an investment portfolio. But its […]