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Adam S. Weiss, Esq. is the founder of the Lateral Lawyer Group, a boutique partner-focused legal recruiting firm. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he formerly practiced in the Houston office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges and consulted with McKinsey & Co., Inc. His book, “The Lateral Lawyer: Opportunities & Pitfalls for the Law Firm Partner Switching Firms“, was recently published by the American Bar Association.

Making the Most of Your Relationship with a Legal Recruiter

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For some attorneys, phone calls from legal recruiters are an occasional annoyance; for others, such calls are a welcome relief—even a potential lifeline thrown to a lawyer whose career may […]

Legal Recruiters’ Top Pet Peeves And How They Can Harm Your Career

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It is common enough for lawyers to complain about recruiters—that too many of them call too frequently when times are good, that they are too slow to respond when times […]

How to Orchestrate A <br>Bidding War As A Lateral Candidate

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As anyone who has ever sold a house (or a car, or any item of property) knows, having multiple bidders is the best way to receive a higher sales price. […]

Rookie Mistakes That Can Cost You A Lateral Offer

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Ask any recruiter what the most frustrating part of his or her job is, and you’ll likely receive a response along the lines of: “Keeping candidates from screwing themselves.” (Many […]

Practical Problems and <br>Advice for Lateral Partners

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Partner-level lawyers who switch firms-or who simply wish to explore the possibility of switching firms-confront many practical problems. From identifying and researching which firms to contact, to making the time […]

Winning the Battle for <br>Legal Talent for Your Firm

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Law firms’ fortunes rise and fall with the quality of their partners. And by “quality” I do not mean partners’ brilliance, articulateness, or ability to win cases and close successful […]

Lateral Partner Interviews: <br>Five Topics To Discuss If You Want An Offer

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Lateral recruiting at the partner level is a complex process: from the initial contact with a prospective firm, through the exchange of information on clients and finances, interviews with other […]