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7 Free Legal Directories You Cannot Ignore

7 Free Legal Directories You Cannot Ignore


Contextually relevant links[1] are an important part of a websites link profile. Think of backlinks as “votes”. The more votes you receive from high quality websites, the better chance your website will have at obtaining first page search results. Not all backlinks are treated the same. Make sure that you choose curated sites that actually provide the consumer helpful information in an organized fashion and are free from spam. Most links pointing to a lawyer’s website should be relevant to the attorney, geographic location, the law or their practice area in some way. Attorneys should also be looking for all the low-hanging link fruit they can and there is one way to accomplish both of these tasks; directories. If you are interested in finding out more about SEO, you might want to check out some seo tools for agencies as well as others for you to check out for your law firm. There are a lot of free and paid attorney-related directories[2] (and not all of them are good). This article outlines 7 directories that provide backlinks lawyers should not ignore.


Pronounced “Ah-voh” (the name purportedly derived from the Italian word for lawyer “avvocato”), the service offers inexpensive and easy-to-access legal advice for consumers. For attorneys, Avvo provides the opportunity to claim a free profile[3] in their directory.

Besides a ton of really great resources provided by Avvo, there is another important reason to get listed on the site for free. It is one of the most authoritative legal-related directories on the web[4]. If you do nothing else with your profile, having the link will help enhance your overall SEO efforts.


Justia[5] is another hugely authoritative legal-related website where lawyers can add a free profile. For consumers and the higher-ed community, Justia is an online repository of legal information and resources. Attorneys can take advantage of having a profile on the site and get a lot of good exposure. It is one of the highest PageRank directories for lawyers on the web and just having the link in a profile is good for SEO even if attorneys do not use the account for anything else.

Like some other popular directories, Justia provides lawyers with a detailed profile that can be seen by visitors on the site looking for legal services. Justia pages rank very well so if your current website is not ranking well for your firm or attorney name, having the profile on Justia helps. Attorneys also get the opportunity to add links to a blog and/or social profiles.


A division of Thomson Rueters, FindLaw is a well-established name in online legal resources. Lawyers can get a free listing[6] on the site that is searchable by location and category by consumers. There are paid services on FindLaw however if you plan on spending your marketing dollars in other ways, the free listing is still good for a link.

One of the benefits to being listed on FindLaw is that it has a huge database of legal resources and professionals. Chances are that your competition is listed there and if they are, you should have a presence there as well.

Law Guru

Lawguru.com was started by a couple of California attorneys and has grown into an authoritative source for legal information. Lawyers can sign up for a free profile and get a high PR backlink to their website. If you choose to use the site for more than just a presence, you can spend time answering questions for visitors. This is a good way to build yourself up as an authority in your practice area.

eLocal Lawyers

This is a great site for a link that is both contextually and geographically relevant. Google has placed a lot of emphasis[7] on local search and having link signals for local directories is a plus. The eLocal directory allows attorneys to have a relevant presence on a local directory.

Attorney Directory Database

Attorney Directory Database is not as comprehensive in terms of resources for consumers or attorneys but it is an easy link. It is a simple site with pages of attorney profiles from all over the country. Addition to the directory is pretty simple. Visit the site and click “add your law firm[8]” in the footer. Fill out the form, confirm your email and you are good to go.

Alpha Legal Directory

Alpha Legal directory[9] is a free database that attorneys can join and consumers can search for free. You can get the free listing but also opt to get a paid listing if you want to do more marketing for your law firm.

Lawyers can also submit articles to Alpha and have them featured on the home page. You will have to register for an account before submitting a listing. Note that you can only submit a free listing to the “general practice” area of the site and you will have to sign up for the paid version to submit a listing to a more specific category.

In Closing

Submitting your website to directories is not going to make it shoot to the top of search but they will offer several other benefits. Lawyers can get contextually relevant backlinks, diversify their backlink profile, and a lay a good link building foundation to start with. Authoritative directories are also used by real people who find attorneys and follow links back to websites. Having a presence on these directories gives you the opportunity to generate new business.



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