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4 Tips for Getting Your Summer Suit Right

4 Tips for Getting Your Summer Suit Right


With a glimpse of summer hitting Britain this week, the holiday feeling is here. However, the warmer weather doesn’t mean your sense of style also has to go on holiday too. A bespoke summer suit, which releases excess heat from the body, is a perfect choice for your summer wardrobe. This item of men’s fashion first started to in the 1930s, before the arrival of air con, so it was gratefully received!



The key to a great meal are great ingredients. It’s the same with a summer suit, a lighter dish than the usual office suit (think salad versus steak). The perfect summer suit keeps it simple and avoids excessive padding or lining to keep it cool.

Go easy on the lining for a smarter, lighter, sweat-free look. A butterfly lining gives an airier feel by restricting sleeve material, and the fabric in the back panel. Equally, the double vent, a staple of English tailoring, will make for a stylish number and be easy to move around in. For the office, some padding is essential to keep the shape of the jacket throughout the day, but for a summery social event, softer shoulders are ideal.



Technological advances in cloth have made unconventional cloths a suitable choice for summer if you need a smarter alternative to cotton. Camdeboo Mohair is a refreshingly different choice, benefiting from excellent insulation to keep it cool in summer and natural crease resistance, keeping a sharp silhouette throughout summer. Whatever the material, be sure to pick a breathable fabric and look at the “super number” – the higher it is, the finer and lighter the cloth. However, as the cloth is lighter, the fit is vital. If its too big, it is more obvious and looks worse than a winter version that’s oversized. The beauty of buying a bespoke summer suit is your tailor will advice you on these details.



For a smooth transition from meeting room to rooftop bar terrace, think about investing in a navy cotton suit. Lighter shades are also good, especially if you are in and out all day.



As a summer suit is a more casual part of your wardrobe, you can wear it more comfortably than a winter suit.

  • Team a summer suit with a chambray tie rather than going for something too rigid, or be bold and go for an open collar with a sharp white shirt.
  • Be sure to choose button cuff shirts, which are easier to roll up and have less fabric at the cuff than a more formal cufflink style.
  • For a real off-duty look, you may be able to swap suit trousers for jeans.
  • For that final bit of added flair, use a pocket square to add a dash of color.


Peter works for Mullen & Mullen, a English family run bespoke tailoring service based in York, England.

This article posted with permission by the men’s fashion blog site – The Mitchelli.

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