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5 Everyday Strategies to Maximize Your Referral Pipeline

5 Everyday Strategies to Maximize Your Referral Pipeline


“I don’t need internet marketing, I get my business through referrals.”  This is something we hear all the time from lawyers.

You might get the majority of your business through referrals, but that’s not a reason to disregard internet marketing. In fact, the internet can a valuable tool in helping you generate more referrals. Referrals are all about staying connected with people, and them believing you are one of the best at what you do. That is what makes someone remember you and refer work to you. And the internet can play a big part in that.

Here are five ways you can use the internet to create more referrals for your law practice.


1. Send out a Monthly E-Newsletter

Everyone uses email!  Gather up those email addresses from business cards, past clients, wherever you can find them and start creating a monthly e-newsletter.  Include practical, valuable information – don’t just promote your business.  Provide industry updates, relevant advice, and a personal touch such as a quick update on your firm or even your family. Then, with a few clicks you can instantly reconnect with hundreds or thousands of contacts (depending on how many email addresses you have).  Sure beats having to call each and every one of them!


2. Connect with Clients & Colleagues on Social Media

There are 1.4 billion active Facebook users, over 300 million active Twitter users, and nearly 400 million LinkedIn users. It’s safe to assume this includes some of your past clients and colleagues. Ask them to connect with you on social media. From your Firm’s Facebook page to your LinkedIn profile, social media is an effective way to stay connected, as long as you maintain an active presence. When you stay top-of-mind with referral sources, more work follows.


3. Write Blogs Regularly

Write about practical topics that would be valuable to your audience.  If you’re a business lawyer, for example, write about common contractual questions business owners have. Blogging not only reinforces you as an expert in your area of practice, but it creates a reason for readers to come back to your website and stay in touch.


4. Create a Video Series

Want to take things to the next level beyond blogging?  Create videos!  It could be a video blog, or perhaps something as simple as a Video FAQ section on your website.  You know what the common question are that your clients have.  Put them into video answers and post one each month on your website so that it becomes a series.  Share the videos on social media and this creates another ongoing touchpoint and reason for someone to check back in, and it reinforces your expert status along the way. Here’s an example video FAQ from one of our clients, you can check out his whole library by clicking here.



5. Show up on Google When Your Name is Searched

Does your website show up first on Google when someone searches your name, or the name of your firm?  Too often it is someone’s Facebook personal profile, or a page on a referral website that shows up.  It needs to be your website!  If they are looking for you, you want them to find your website, not Facebook where they can easily get distracted, or a referral website where they can easily consider others who do what you do.

The concept is simple. The recipe for referrals is top-of-mind awareness and being perceived as an expert in what you do. The internet can be a valuable tool in helping you do exactly that. If you’d like to know more about how your internet presence can help you grow your law firm, click here for free access to our complimentary report. It’s packed with information you can apply today!

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Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is a Partner at Spotlight Branding. He is passionate about marketing strategy, copywriting, and creating value. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys playing sports, attempting to play guitar, following politics, and reading a good book.


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