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Jana Schilder is co-founder of The Legal A Team™ a business development, marketing, branding, and public relations agency for lawyers and law firms. She has been working with lawyers since 1993 when she was marketing director at McCarthy Tetrault, then Canada’s largest national law firm. She can be reached at jana@janaschilder.com or 416-831-9154.

How Media Relations Is Like Online Dating

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We frequently talk to lawyers and law firms that want to be quoted in newspaper and magazine articles as well as interviewed on radio and television. Media relations is a […]

How A ‘Grandma’ Receptionist Can Help Increase Billings At Smaller Law Firms

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While doing a recent turnaround at a law firm that does wills and estates, criminal, and family law, The Legal A Team noticed that one thing this firm was doing right was […]

Six Critical Things to <br>Effect Change in Your Law Firm

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There is a graphic that folks frequently re-post on LinkedIn and elsewhere, about what it takes to actually implement change in an organization—assuming it wants to change. In the category […]

Negative Online Reviews: Revenge for <br>Angry Clients And Competitors

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“I DO NOT recommended this lawyer to anyone. They will suck you dry!!! They were completely unprofessional and I am not happy with the quality of service I received. My […]

7 Things Public Relations Will Do for Personal Injury Firms

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Let’s face it: the biggest problem personal injury lawyers and law firms face is how to remain relevant and top-of-mind with the general public as well as important referral sources […]

How the “The Unknown Unknowns” Will Kill Your Practice

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When trying a case, the number one rule of putting anyone on the stand is: “Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” Asking a question of a […]

Change Your Networking Mindset <br>and Watch Your Law Firm Take Off

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Management gurus tell us that networking is good for us. They’ve been telling us this for decades. Yet many lawyers don’t like networking and see it as a waste of […]

Marashlian & Donahue, LLC:<br>The Wrong Place at the Right Time

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Marashlian & Donahue, LLC: The Wrong Place at the Right Time. Telecom lawyer Jonathan Marashlian insists it wasn’t a blinding flash of insight that let him foresee the major business […]

How to Develop a Law Marketing Mindset

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Gen X and Gen Y lawyers (Millennials) are coming out of law school with a degree (good), no business education (bad), more competition than ever before for articling positions resulting […]

Marketing Does Not Build Reputation <br>But Public Relations Does

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Media relations is a sub-set of public relations. It is the speciality that focuses on getting law firms and their lawyers in the media. That means getting them quoted in […]

Two Tales of Why Lawyers <br>Are Returning to Public Relations

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Two Tales of Why Lawyers Are Returning to Public Relations Just last month, we got two new clients at The Legal A Team. But that’s not the important part of […]