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“Rainmakers Are Not Born, They Are Taught” is a phrase that Jaimie B. Field, Esq. not only believes, but has proven with almost 15 years of teaching attorneys how to ethically build a book of business. Each and every attorney can learn to bring in new business; and now, more than ever, it is imperative to do so in order to control your career. Contact her for more information on Rainmaking Seminars, Workshops, Group Coaching and Individual Coaching to help you and your law firm obtain more business.

The Best Rainmaking Exercise<br> Is To Exercise (Literally)

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Two embarrassing admissions: First, I am writing this because I really need it, probably more than a lot of the readers. Second, I am publicly declaring that today I am […]

Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word: <b> Why Saying You’re Sorry is So Important to Rainmakers

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With all due respect to Sir Elton John for usurping his song title, why is it so difficult for some people to apologize? Recently, someone posted a message to private legal […]

How to Create Quality Rainmaking Relationships on Social Media

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In my last article for Legal Ink, Understanding the Key Differences between Marketing and Networking in Social Media, I promised to teach you how to use social media for networking […]

Understanding the Key Differences Between Networking Vs. Marketing in Social Media

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Note: This is the first of a series of posts for Legal Ink Magazine in which I will endeavor to teach you how to ethically use social media sites to […]

The 7 Things that Clients <br>Really Wish Their Attorneys Knew

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Last month, Steve Lehto wrote an article for Legal Ink explaining The Six Things Attorneys Really Wish Their Clients Knew. It is a wonderful article that should be turned into […]

How To Say You’re A Lawyer Without Killing the Conversation

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When you are asked the titular question, “What do you do for a living?”- How do you respond? If you are like most lawyers, you say: “I am a lawyer” […]

The Final Step for Rainmaking Success: <br>Creating Credibility and Trust

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In February, I began a series of articles on the Three Steps to Rainmaking Success. And once again, they are: Marketing: Creating visibility and becoming known as an authority in […]

Networking: The Second Step <br>to Rainmaking Success

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In the last few Legal Ink articles I have written, I have explained that there is a three step process for becoming a Rainmaker. Once again, to restate the three […]

Creating Visibility: The First Step <br>to Rainmaking Success

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The 3 Steps for Rainmaking Success: Creating Visibility (Step 1) In my last article for Legal Ink, Rainmaking Shortcuts Are For Suckers, I told you that there is no shortcut […]

Rainmaking Shortcuts Are For Suckers

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The claims you often see: Lose 30 pounds in 10 days by taking this pill! Become a billionaire overnight! Use YouTube to become a singing sensation! Get to the #1 […]

Make Taking Action Your <br>Goal for Your Rainmaking Plan

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It’s that time of year again. The time when all of the legal marketing coaches and consultants come out of the woodwork and talk about creating your “Rainmaking Plan” for […]

Marketing Versus Rainmaking <br>For Law Firms

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Marketing Versus Rainmaking For Law Firms As attorneys, we did not spend a lot of time in law school learning about marketing, branding, public relations or rainmaking. As a result, […]