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to Get New Business

The 3 Best Referral Sources
to Get New Business

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Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist for LawLytics legal marketing in Tucson, Arizona. In his work he:

• Advises attorneys and law firms on how to get more clients and revenue online.
• Presents the 4th Tuesdays Legal Marketing Update - http://bit.ly/21tIr8k - with LawLytics CEO Daniel Jaffe. This is a free webinar series that reports the latest updates on generating new business online.
• Writes marketing news and analysis on the LawLytics Blog - https://www.lawlytics.com/blog
• Publishes promotional and educational videos about legal marketing.
• Recruits advocates and affiliates for LawLytics.

A marketer, journalist and attorney, Larry edits and publishes news reports about the law and legal marketing for several leading websites, including The National Trial Lawyers. He actively advises attorneys and law firms about content marketing, website development, social media, blogging and converting visitors into clients.

He writes The LawMarketing Blog, which gets 400 visits per day -- more than 1 million visits over the last 10 years. http://www.larrybodine.com/blog

● Larry is followed by 23,000 people on Twitter, 2,200 people on Google+, and participates in dozens of LinkedIn groups.
● He writes for websites like the Huffington Post, the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog, Legal Ink, state bar association websites and LawFuel.


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