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Using “Google Call Only” Campaigns
8 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Be Using “Google Call Only” Campaigns

8 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Be
Using “Google Call Only” Campaigns


AdWords is a good source of fast and highly targeted traffic. Earlier this year Google announced [1] call only campaigns for businesses that value phone calls more than visitors and/or form fills. This is a great feature for the legal industry because a lot of people just want to talk to a real person when they have made up their mind about hiring legal representation. Here 8 reasons why lawyers should give call only campaigns a try.

Mobile Has Exploded

As business owners, attorneys cannot ignore mobile in online marketing. Mobile devices have become so powerful and easy to use that consumers are on them more than their desktop computers. People always have their phones available (they even sleep with them [2]). Cell phones are easier to start up for browsing the web and they have integrated themselves into many of the activities we preform every day.

Trends in mobile usage [3] can tell us how consumers are interacting with content online. People are using their devices in places where computers have never gone before and mobile technology is beginning to supplant some activities. For example mobile pay using credit card and other personal information stored on mobile phones is becoming more prolific. Long story short, using mobile ads that easily allow people to make phone calls from a Google search just makes sense.

Lower Cost

For now, mobile advertising is cheaper than that of desktop (which includes traditional search, display and remarketing campaigns [4]). For Google that may change in the near future as more advertisers migrate to mobile but for right now, about 70% of Google’s clicks come from desktop or laptop computers [5]. Whatever may be happening in the mobile search space with Google [6], the fact is that it is currently cheaper for lawyers to advertise using call only campaigns.

The reason is because of less competition on mobile platforms and demand for mobile ads (which is quickly changing). Mobile currently gets a much smaller click share than desktop (in Google search) making it ripe for high-quality and cheap traffic.

Phone Numbers in Ad Headers

Phone numbers appear in the headers of ads. There is also a call button on the right hand side of the ad. Combine this with having a phone number at the top makes it that much easier for the consumer to call you.


Prominent Call Button

The header phone number is one of the most prominent things about the ad and on a mobile device it is hard to miss. The cool part is that it helps you stand out among competitors who may not be using call only campaigns. It also makes things much easier for users who are looking to contact someone immediately. 


Easier to Set Up Custom Tracking

With call only campaigns, it is a lot easier to segment the phone traffic you get from those ads by using a separate phone number. Or a Google Forwarding number to the main line. The default conversion identifier for Google is any call that lasts over 20 second.

Pay for Leads Not Visits

In this instance, you are paying to actually talk to someone who wants to talk to your firm. In the traditional search or display advertising model, you are paying for a click (which may or may not result in someone contacting you). Call only campaigns cut out that “middle man click” and put people directly in touch with you.

Traditional Google AdWords campaigns are certainly still effective there is just more moving parts. With call only campaigns, there is one step between you and a potential client.

Less Conversion Funnel Abandonment

In regular PPC advertising, people click an ad and are taken to a landing page. At that point they have entered the part of the conversion funnel that is firmly within your control. There are still a lot of things that can go wrong when someone comes to a landing page though. There are a number of ways you can increase conversions [7] on your website using traditional AdWords campaigns but call only campaigns mitigate the need for those steps.

With a phone call, potential clients are more engaged once they have hit the call button and the phone is ringing. They have probably shut other things out and unless there is an emergency or a genuine change of heart, they will wait until someone answers the phone. With this model they have skipped over many of the steps they would have had to take to get in contact with you through your website.

You Get the People Who Don’t Want to Talk to Your Website

People who make a phone call to a business from a search page are generally further along in the buying process. For lawyers, people who are making a phone call to your office are ready to talk to someone about their situation and make a bigger commitment.

Users who are calling into your office are also done talking to your website. As informative and easy to use as it may be, they are done with that part of the process and are ready to take things to the next level. Call only campaigns help make that opportunity more available and easier to complete than other ads.




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