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Why Your Office Should Go Paperless

Why Your Office Should Go Paperless


A paperless law firm seems like an oxymoron. After all, attorneys are known for having shelves full of legal documents. Please do yourself and the environment good by minimizing your dependency on paper.

As more and more businesses are ditching paper in favor of electronic and wireless devices, it’s only logical to follow suit. Millions of companies have boosted their productivity, profits, and mobility in more ways than one when they’ve moved away from paper meaning that you may need to look into how to scan documents for clients.

Offices do seem to benefit from going paperless. Not only are computers more effective, they also reduce the number of mistakes. If your office isn’t completely confident with computers, it might be worth seeking managed it services omaha or others closer to your office. Getting computer support can be beneficial for companies as they can assist with a number of computer-based problems. When your office is transitioning from paper to computers, it might be worthwhile having a team of IT professionals on hand just in case! However, you shouldn’t run into huge problems, having less paper should be easier for most businesses. Check out how easy it is to convert your office, too!

Why going paperless makes sense

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Cuts back on paper costs
  • Saves loads of time when finding files
  • Increases mobility because your documents are online

For years, law firms became known for the copious amounts of paper that went through their offices. Unless these papers were organized neatly and methodically, it was pretty much torture to retrieve information.

Preparing your law firm to become paperless

Before you rush to use all that paper you’ve accumulated in your firm as firewood, you’ll need to do some preliminary preparation.

  1. Invest in a quality scanner. Although it’s exciting to buy a nine-in-one version, it’s a better idea to get a dedicated scanner. Using FileCenter scan and organize documents software to digitize important documents can make the whole process a lot smoother.
  2. Buy an inexpensive paper shredder. Most shredders work by shredding your paper into strips. However, we suggest that you find one that can go the extra mile and process the paper into smaller pieces. There are even services out there that will take your mountains of paper and shred it for you, if you’re so inclined, like Shred-It.
  3. Getting electronic devices on board to help you work from anywhere.
  4. Requesting for electronic bills and statements from banks and service providing companies.
  5. Create an e-signature. Most law firms depend on printing out that one page where their signatures are required and then scanning it and sending it back to the sender. Scan your signature once, and use that wherever needed.

How to ditch all that paper

Make sure you’re following our step-by-step guide on how to switch from paper documents to online documents.

  1. Scan all your documents. This is going to be a time consuming task if you haven’t already been scanning those memos. However, please take whatever time it takes to get this out of the way.
  2. Create several folders on your computer, and save your scanned documents directly into these folders so they don’t get lost.
  3. Upload scanned copies to cloud storage. There are several services available out there that offer completely free storage, forever. For some plans, you might be required to pay a small monthly or yearly fee for extra storage.
  4. If you didn’t file your documents as you uploaded them to your cloud drive, organize your documents so they’ll be a cinch to find later.
  5. Take a break. You’ve gone paperless!

What do I do with all the shredded paper now?

Throw a celebratory We-Went-Paperless party, and use those shreds of paper as confetti! For a more practical use of shredded paper, try throwing it into a compost heap, or like we mentioned earlier, as firewood.

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