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The Testimonial
Marketing’s Secret Ingredient: The Testimonial

Marketing’s Secret Ingredient:
The Testimonial


Marketing to the legal industry comes with its own nuances. Lawyers know that they need to seek products and services that have been tried and tested by professionals like them. Testimonials from other lawyers can help in your marketing strategy. More than you promoting your own company, reviews from other customers can make it easier to attract potential clients. Good peer reviews can enhance the power of products, services, and companies.

It’s 2015, and social media is a super powerful influence in the marketing world. Before customers decide to purchase products and services today, they more often than not see what other people have to say. Companies like Facebook and TripAdvisor have realized that reviews from real customers and patrons work a lot better than company advertising.

Testimonials as marketing tools

You will want to focus on using testimonials that talk about a specific product that your law firm offers. It’s great to put up testimonials that talk about how great the associates at your law firm were. However, if you publish a testimonial that talks about how satisfied a customer was with the case review of your associate, your customers can relate better to it.

The best kind of testimonials are the ones that first start off with skepticism about a product, and then close with satisfaction of the product. These types of testimonials promote an unbiased view of a product, and can boost credibility.

To best utilize testimonials, you may want to balance the text to image ratio by selecting a picture of the client. You will have to get permission from your client, but they will more often than not grant permission. Once you’ve gotten their testimonial ready for publishing, you can send it to them for them to share and use.

Before and after a testimonial

Before you close a deal with a client, tell them that you would appreciate a review or testimonial. Some law firms send a short message in their e-mail to clients, letting them know that a genuine testimonial would go a long way for them.

After a client gives you a testimonial or positive feedback, it’s a good idea to thank them for their writing. Customer retention is a skill, and it only takes a matter of seconds to create a positive image!


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