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Legal Technology Trends for 2015

Legal Technology Trends for 2015


In today’s business environment, successful practices know how to leverage technology to maximize productivity and profits. In order to remain competitive, every practice needs to be able to understand upcoming technology trends that will impact their industry. The following are key technology trends in the legal field for 2015:


Although the trend is already underway, tablets will outsell PCs and laptops combined by 2015. Compared to past years, tablets have become cheaper, more utilitarian, and are no longer a status item. Even though there are limitations as far as extended legal research is concerned, due to their flourishing apps, tablets will be a key component of legal research by 2015. Apps models work well with legal research. It also serve as client portals and can be used for many purposes, like accessing clients, court resources, making payments, sheperdizing cases and more.

Digital Legal Libraries

Most of the legal books will soon be available as apps, and these apps will be replacing e-books. Legal books as apps feature lower pricing and avoid the hassle of worrying about compatibility or downloading an e-book viewer. These apps can be rented from online stores or from the publisher’s own site for a specific price and period after which it will expire. Many legal publishers have already taken baby steps toward this delivery model and its popularity and availability will expected to increase in 2015.

Wearable Technology

Google Glass has the potential of being an effective research tool and is likely to gain popularity next year. A tech savvy attorney can use this app to their advantage for taking video depositions, doing research using voice search etc. Other companies are working on bringing rivals to Glass which can hit the market anytime soon.

Artificial Intelligence in e-Discovery

The hottest e-discovery trend, the use of artificial intelligence concept predictive coding, will be a mainstream tactic by 2015. Although, the initial foray into predictive coding was met with stiff resistance, it’s now slowly gaining acceptance. Data will continue to double and auto-categorization using predictive analytics will be in wide use. State-of-the-art techniques for categorizing and mining data such as inductive logic programming will evolve to provide more insights into law firm and corporate internal processes. E-discovery software will be increasingly repurposed and rebranded.

Embracing the Cloud

Cloud-based computing or storage will be the norm by end 2015. Currently, concerns about how secure your information will be, regulatory worries, fears about letting the data out of the organization are holding back people from fully embracing online storage. 2015 should put most of these concerns to rest as the cloud providers are strengthening their security measures and providing specialized protections for sensitive information like encrypting individual files. Cost wise, there has been decrease in storage charges when compared to previous years. Still, cloud storage is not likely to be offered by itself free, although small free storage allocations are provided as part of marketing strategies. Unlimited storage is likely to be offered for a flat monthly fee as opposed to monthly payments for the data used plans currently in market. As the trend goes, do not expect any drastic slashing of storage charges in 2015.

Legal Marketing through Social Media

Marketing through social media will continue its upsurge in 2015. A significant percentage of the marketers have indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, at the same time reduced their marketing expenses. It has helped them build a loyal fan base. Currently, blogging holds the top spot, making it a major area for marketers to invest in. The year 2014 witnessed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, Google+ and Pinterest as the top seven platforms used by marketers. It’s likely that the now “in” sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, will be replaced by the next-big-thing in 2015. Therefore, law firms need to improve their use of social media to support their networking.


It’s hard to predict the future. However, if the current trend continues, we will be seeing more and more technological advances. New devices will drive the continuing evolution of present lawyering technologies. These trends are worth exploring in the new year to help boost your efficiency, productivity, and competitive edge.


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