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Deserves For the Holiday Season
5 Things Every Attorney Deserves For the Holiday Season

5 Things Every Attorney
Deserves For the Holiday Season


In the ever-changing internet world, marketing your law firm becomes more challenging each year. That’s why I’ve put together a short Christmas list, containing five things every attorney deserves this holiday season.

1. Vacation

The holiday season is officially here and everyone deserves a break from their office responsibilities. Attorneys continue to face what seems to be an increasingly difficult marketing landscape. Whether it be search engine optimization, social media, video production, website development or advertising, there are a great number of decisions that need to be made as marketing budgets are being created for the 2015 calendar year.

2. Video Production

Video production is an absolutely essential purchase for lawyers this year. Using promo video maker will have a very positive impact on your company, as it shows that you are modern, professional and gives potential customers and clients a view of your personality. There are numerous statistics that continue to support the power of video and it’s ability to yield an exponential ROI. When produced professionally with the help of services like austin videographers, video serves as a one of the best forms of lead generation available. Consumers are constantly seeking for an attorney they feel a connection with and video can accomplish just that. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend taking the professional route when talking about video production for lawyers. Attorneys are professionals and if done incorrectly, video can negatively impact your law firm’s image, and thus, ability to retain potential clients. For statistics supporting video production and video marketing, please review the infographic above, outlining “The Value of Video Marketing for Lawyers”.

3. Tracking Codes

Time and time again I see attorneys participate in expensive marketing campaigns, yet fail to implement any tracking codes. These are critical to determining your return on investment for a particular marketing campaign. To create tracking codes and begin measuring key performance indicators, such as click-through-rates, bounce rates and page views for your marketing campaigns, click here. All you need is a Google Analytics account to get started.

4. Marketing Director

Whether it’s your niece, nephew, cousin, wife or friend from college, it’s imperative that somebody begins managing your law firm’s marketing. They don’t need to necessarily be the decision maker, however, they do need to manage your brand across the dozens of social networking, legal service and lead generation platforms available to attorneys. It seems that everyday a great new service becomes available, yet there are simply too many to start reading every email or take every phone call. The fact is that some of these services are truly beneficial to attorneys and have the ability to bring potential clients, if not, make managing your firm easier.

5. Contribution Partnerships

Content contribution partnerships allow an attorney to begin establishing a relationship with what is hopefully a platform capable of providing additional lead generation, if not, at least a couple of credible backlinks. Yes, this will take time to seek out appropriate platforms and measure the returns with your new tracking codes, however, it’s important to begin increasing your number of lead generation sources.

These gift ideas are meant to improve your marketing and provide greater understanding of what campaigns are working and which are not. If you have any questions or input regarding any of the proposals listed above, please leave a comment below!

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Tighe Wilhelmy
Tighe Wilhelmy is the co-founder of Local Lawyer Guide, a national video production and listing service for attorneys. He is passionate about improving the way lawyers market themselves, while creating a platform that consumers are able to use for both legal assistance and education. Tighe genuinely enjoys all areas of marketing, including but not limited to search engine marketing and video marketing. He graduated from Arizona State University and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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