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Need To Burn Off That Latte?
How Much Exercise Do You Need To Burn Off That Latte?

How Much Exercise Do You
Need To Burn Off That Latte?


How long do you have to exercise to burn off that latte? You cannot out run a double cheese burger, large fries and a large soda. In a previous blog, we discussed five meals that exceed 1,500 calories and a couple that exceeded 2,000 calories. You would have to run over three hours to burn off those meals.

We get our energy from food and drinks and we use that energy to live, eat and move. If you eat and drink more energy than you use over time, you store it and gain weight. Of course, the amount of energy you need is not fixed. It hinges on your gender, weight, muscle mass, and genetics. And it fluctuates based on your activity. Exercisers burn more calories than couch potatoes. But how much more?

How much exercise do you need to do to burn off your food?

We compared three of activities: running at a ten minute a mile pace; resistance training; and walking briskly (15 minute miles). The energy used (measured in calories) is based on a 150 pound person. You will need more time if you weigh less and less time if you weigh more than 150 pounds.











That’s right! You will need to run for an hour and a half to burn off the fast food lunch you ate. If you are considering that chocolate shake, decide if it is worth an hour and a half of weight training just to break even.

What’s even more frightening is the amount of exercise you need to burn off your drinks. Soda, specialty coffees such as the latte noted above and alcohol add calories without adding to your ability to feel full. You will need to run over twenty miles to out run two 32 ounce sodas a day. That’s a lot of running for a sugar fix.

What Can You Do to Out Exercise Your Food Choices?

Skip drinks with calories and have water or non-sugar tea instead. An apple will fulfill your sugar cravings with half the calories of a glazed donut. It also gives you vitamins, minerals and fiber. Have your next sandwich without the bun (lettuce wrap style) and save 150 calories and your walk will contribute to weight loss instead of slowing weight gain.

Exercise to feel better and to add strength to your muscles, lungs and heart. Don’t try to exercise your excess intake. It won’t work.

Reference: Compendium of Physical Activity


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Gregg Ghelfi is a reformed lawyer who founded the Fit in the Middle weight loss program with the goal of helping people lose weight and become healthier. He started his journey after losing twenty pounds from a combination of fitness and nutrition.

To gain a deeper understanding of the subject he researched and wrote a book on Metabolic Syndrome and obesity. It is a narrative about a person who discovers he has Metabolic Syndrome.  With the help of friends he finds out how he can improve his health by losing weight through fitness and nutrition.

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